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PowerShell Profiles - The profile.ps1 file

Welcome to this blog series about PowerShell profiles. I’m using PowerShell profiles for a couple of months now to make life a lot easier. To start this blog series, I would like to show you my Profile.ps1 file. 279 more words


Powershell: Active Directory account\mailbox\home directory creation script!

Recently put together a script to automate account, mailbox, and home directory creation for a new hire. While not an every day occurrence, condensing this down to a script that requires very little manual input is way more efficient than navigating through several GUIs. 515 more words

Could not chdir to home directory /root: No such file or directory Error and Solution

When I ssh into my server and login as the root user and I’m getting the following error on screen:

Could not chdir to home directory /root: No such file or directory… 258 more words


PowerShell Creating a Home Folder for Users

Hi Readers,

Sharing a script that I have written recently for Creatiing Home folder, adding permissions & updating Active directory home folder path.

Download the zip file from below link & extract the script files. 350 more words


Linux file system hierarchy

This section is about a quick overview of which directory and file is where so you know where to start.

It normally looks like an inverted tree with its roots on top and branches hanging below (don’t worry if you cant understand  this. 612 more words


A Quick Look At Windows Operating System Folders

Operating system folders are the folders that Windows needs to work. There is no harm in looking at them; just don’t change anything unless you know what you’re doing. 356 more words


Bug #1: Home directory is not version controlled

How to reproduce: Modify dotfiles and scripts in the home directory on multiple machines without keeping track of the changes.

What happens: