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Bathroom Sink Stopper Rod

After swapping the corroded steel rod end-for-end twice, I expected this would happen:

So now we know a chrome-plated steel rod will survive 16 years in a bathroom drain, at least if you’re willing to coddle the fool thing far more than seems reasonable. 31 more words

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Epson R380 Continuous Ink Supply: Tubing Failure

After 4.5 years, one of the silicone tubes on the Epson R380’s continuous ink supply system broke:

The yellow smudges in front of the tubing clamp and across the top suggest the total mess lying in wait between the cartridges. 120 more words

Machine Shop

Sunglass Earpiece Trimming

Mary doesn’t like wearing the wrap-around-her-head earpieces found on sunglasses these days under her bicycle helmet, so I must trim them to fit:

Perhaps I won’t need an old pair to prepare the next set: a scant four inches from the hinge.

Machine Shop

Cheese Slicer: XTC-3D Epoxy Coating

We have, as you might expect, a Favorite Cheese Slicer of no particular provenance. Being made of cheap pot metal, it left black smudges wherever it went and, decades ago, I coated it with bright red rubbery grip material. 293 more words

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Children and Cooking

It’s been a month or so since my visitors flew back to the states.  I think a lot about them.  It was a different visit than I usually have when friends come over.  1,037 more words

Kids meet Corncakes

I eyed my coworker, smiling and walking through the youth garden with arm loads of corn. Behind him was a trail of kids with various vegetables. 326 more words

Kitchen Adventures

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