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American Standard Kitchen Faucet: Ceramic Valve

It seems everybody must disassemble an American Standard kitchen faucet to replace the spout seal O-rings, as my description of How It’s Done has remained in the top five most popular posts since I wrote it up in 2009. 179 more words

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Reticle Guide for Ruler Quilting

I made the pencil guides to help Mary design ruler quilting patterns, but sometimes she must line up the ruler with a feature on an existing pattern. 104 more words

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Can I Have a Well Stocked Pantry Without an Actual Pantry?

I have this goal…..a long held, nearly impossible (for me) goal, but one I shall keep working on until the day I die.  That goal?  To have a well stoked, well organised pantry.   386 more words


Pencil Guides for Ruler Quilting

Mary has been doing Ruler Quilting and wanted a pencil guide (similar to the machine’s ruler foot) to let her sketch layouts before committing stitches to fabric. 161 more words

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Miniblind Bottom Rail Caps

A few days after installing the replacement cord caps, I bumped the bottom rail of the miniblind while opening the window and had one endcap disintegrate; apparently window hardware isn’t hardened against prolonged UV exposure. 234 more words

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Cast Iron Pan Seasoning

The motivation for stripping our cast iron pans:

The bottom, of course, carried a heavier layer of crust:

The wet areas came from the usual after-breakfast washing. 514 more words

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Taylor Kitchen Thermometer Dial Cover

Fortunately, it didn’t fall off into the roasting pan:

The lens slides right out of that nicely curved and crimped housing, the rim ID of which should be slightly smaller than the lens OD. 55 more words

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