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Kitchen Sink Faucet Deck Sealing

I had to replace the faucet on a kitchen sink (not our own, for reasons not relevant here) after the steel nuts & washers holding the base to the sink deck rotted completely away. 308 more words

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Kenmore Electric Clothes Dryer Rebuild

Our ancient Kenmore clothes dryer (Model 110.96282100 for maximal SEO goodness) developed symptoms suggesting the heater and overtemperature cutouts were in fine shape: it continued to turn and heat, but didn’t completely dry the clothes. 631 more words

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Credit Union Email: Phishing or Not?

The Credit Union recommends we practice “Safe Computing” with this helpful advice (clicky for more dots):

The link leading to that page was on their website, but the page is on  229 more words

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SPRING BREAK - Home Ec Lessons

Spring Break is nearly here, and if you haven’t found a little extra curricular activity for that time, then may we suggest some or all of our workshop /classes! 132 more words

Monthly Science: Minimal-Woo Cast Iron Pan Seasoning

After trying several variations on a theme, our daily-use pan now looks like this:

Those obvious wiping marks come from an oily rag in a hot pan. 110 more words


Down the Drain

On December 23, 2015 I posted a story about the turtles I ended up adopting. These are the same turtles.

When I left KVHS (a school of 1900) to BRHS (a school of 300) the turtles went with me. 399 more words


Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Brush Disassembly

The beater bar found and ingested a remarkably long strip of carpet yarn, resulting in a sudden stop and an acute need for disassembly. In the unlikely event that happens again: 87 more words

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