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Monthly Image: Cross-striped Cabbageworm

In the normal course of events, this critter would become an undistinguished brown moth:

Right now, it’s a two-day-old cross-striped cabbageworm. Its kin are voracious consumers of… 44 more words

Home Ec

Amazon Packaging: Lindt Chocolate

Amazon may toss lithium cells into a cardboad box without much care, but chocolate requires attention to detail:

An ice pack, with a lump of ice in the middle, snuggled under the chocolate carton. 69 more words

Home Ec

Creamed Peas and Mushroom Soup

Okay, if ever there were a title more gag-inducing, at least for me, this would be it. I’ll tell you (mercifully briefly) why. 215 more words


Sony DSC-H5 End-of-Life, With Reprieve

So my trusty Sony DSC-H5 camera emitted a horrible crunching sound from inside its lens assembly, spat out several error codes which boiled down to “throw me out”, stopped retracting its lens, and developed a nasty rattle. 346 more words

Machine Shop

Torchiere Lamp Shade

A pair of torchiere lamps lit the living room for many, many years:

During their tenure, they’ve gone from 100 W incandescent bulbs to “100 W equivalent” CFL curlicues to “100 W equivalent” warm-white LED bulbs. 564 more words

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Sew fun..

Our 84 year old neighbor made the interesting point; that kids no longer get ‘home ec’ classes at school.  She worried that this made kids good at ‘books’ but not good at cooking, sewing, building.   125 more words


Layout Pen For Black Objects

This worked surprisingly well to lay out black foam gaskets for new fairing mounting plates:

Mary uses the Fons & Porter Mechanical Pencil to mark quilting patterns on fabric. 85 more words

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