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Why Electricity Won

Spotted this impressive array at an apartment building:

That’s just for one wing; the other end of the building has a similar installation. Each apartment has an electric stove and gas heat / AC.

The plumbing!

Home Ec

Yellowbook Do-Not-Deliver Delivery Option

Last summer I followed the procedure that should turn off (one of) the ersatz “Yellow Pages” directories littering our driveway.

This just arrived:

Seeing as how they have the wrong town in my address, there’s still another excuse available. 38 more words

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Amazon Packaging

The ample padding around this bag of fragile pecans leaves nothing to be desired:

They’re firmly held in place on all sides, well protected from injury, and survived their shipping ordeal unscathed: not a bruise or break to be found. 72 more words

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Mailing Tube End Caps

Faced with a need to send documents rolled up in a tube, rather than folded flat, I sawed off a suitable length of cardboard tube from the heap, then discovered a distinct lack of end caps. 123 more words

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Under-cabinet LED Strip IR Sensor: Re-aimed

The under-cabinet LED strips work wonderfully well, except that the IR sensor seemed rather hypersensitive, so I added a small reflector made of shiny steel: 50 more words

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Pea & Almond Pesto

When I was in first or second year of school, I decided to try making spaghetti alla genovese, a Ligurian pasta dish with fresh pesto, green beans, and, most unusually, boiled potatoes, in a Home Ec practical exam, using a recipe from one of the Avoca cookbooks. 830 more words

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How To Fix A Button

So, a button fell off your shirt or your pants, or off of something else you have that also has buttons?  And you say this clothing item you actually like and do not want to toss away like a wasteful person? 627 more words

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