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Engineering Book Costs

Clearing off the shelves produced a book I haven’t opened in a loooong time:

The price sticker shows that textbooks have always been expensive:

The first line looks like a date and, indeed, I took “Principles of Mechanics” in Spring 1974, so that book would cost $88.08 in 2015 dollars, based on the official… 115 more words

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Silhouette Eyeglasses: Second Temple Repair

As we expected, the remaining temple of Mary’s Silhouette glasses broke, a bit over a year from the previous repair, and this repair proceeded along the same lines as the… 162 more words

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Getting Ready For Grade 7 D-48

Hey everyone!

So Monday was our first day back from the Easter break.

Lemme just say, it wasn’t easy to get up this morning. Normal people will just hit snooze on their alarm, but my alarm is my mom so…can’t really do much. 310 more words

Tour Easy Rear Fender Bracket

I’d originally secured the rear fender to the steel strap connecting the chainstays on Mary’s Tour Easy with a cable tie: small, simple, light weight, reliable. 861 more words

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Whirlpool Refrigerator Drawer Strut Re-Re-Repair

Well, another year, another deep-cleaning session, another break in the strut holding up the drawers in the Whirlpool refrigerator:

This time, there’s a fixture positioning the tab in the proper orientation while the solvent evaporates. 123 more words

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Sienna Hood Rod Pivot: PETG Edition

Our Larval Engineer reports that the PLA pivot for the Sienna’s hood rod didn’t survive contact with the van’s NYS Inspection. I’m not surprised, as PLA tends to be brittle and the inspection happened on a typical February day in upstate New York. 471 more words

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