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Miniblind Bottom Rail Caps

A few days after installing the replacement cord caps, I bumped the bottom rail of the miniblind while opening the window and had one endcap disintegrate; apparently window hardware isn’t hardened against prolonged UV exposure. 234 more words

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Cast Iron Pan Seasoning

The motivation for stripping our cast iron pans:

The bottom, of course, carried a heavier layer of crust:

The wet areas came from the usual after-breakfast washing. 514 more words

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Taylor Kitchen Thermometer Dial Cover

Fortunately, it didn’t fall off into the roasting pan:

The lens slides right out of that nicely curved and crimped housing, the rim ID of which should be slightly smaller than the lens OD. 55 more words

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Cast Iron Pan Electrolysis Stripping

Our cast iron pans need seasoning, so I decided to start with full-metal-jacket electrolysis stripping, rather than soaking them in oven cleaner / smogging the kitchen with the self-cleaning oven / actually doing any work. 154 more words

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Miniblind Cord Caps

After smashing one of the cord pulls between the sash and the frame:

The glittery PETG looks surprisingly good in the sunlight that will eventually change it into dullness. 185 more words

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Enough for pie

After some apple test testing, we figured out which of our apple trees is the Honey Crisp tree. So (those) apples were picked and the rest of the blackberries were used for a pie. 8 more words

Into the woods we go now...

A friend invited us to their blackberry patch for a picking. The kids have been picking (and nibbling) here and there around the house, but nothing seriously. 98 more words