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Miniblind Roller Repair

The rod along the left side of our miniblinds turns a shaft spanning the length of the housing which pulls-and-releases three pairs of cords tilting the blades, with one roller for each pair. 183 more words

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Amazon Product Puzzlement

Amazon’s top three offerings for American Standard 023529-0070A:

They’re all “by American Standard”, but you must check each item to discover where it’s coming from: 141 more words


Fireball Island Figures

A cousin asked if my 3D printer could replace some figures gone missing from their old Fireball Island game board, a classic apparently coming out in a… 187 more words

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Frayed Power Drop

The neutral conductor is down to its last three strands:

Perhaps the power drop got snagged twice, because there’s a splice only a few feet away: 65 more words

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Headless Garden Bunny

A small rabbit, occasionally seen about the back yard and within the garden, met an untimely end:

We credit one of the neighborhood hawks or… 38 more words

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Tour Easy Daytime Running Light: First Fracture

A wind gust pushed Mary’s bike over with the daytime running light on the downward side:

Frankly, it’s better to have a cheap and easily replaceable plastic widget break, instead of something expensive and hard to find. 50 more words

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Amazon Packaging: Bottles

One of the two air pockets in the token padding had popped:

Fortunately, they were plastic bottles with rugged contents, so I suppose the packaging was up to the task.

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