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Making Cake in H.E

In Home Ec on Monday (the 25th), Miss McCullough instructed us to make chocolate sponge cake. It did turn out really nice, but it turns out we didn’t actually have any cocoa powder, so really it was “chocolate cake” without the chocolate.

Bathroom Light Switch: Contact Autopsy

The dual switch controlling the bathroom lights began requiring some fiddling, which was not to be tolerated. After replacing the switch, I cracked the old one open to see what’s inside… 58 more words

Machine Shop


Now that the holiday craziness is over, I have time to write everything I have been thinking about holiday craziness. So, guess what happened here at the Fun Apartment in Decmber? 854 more words



These days, removing senescent trees and clearing out deadwood requires a combination of high-tech machinery:

And good old manual labor:

One of the guys observed that they get a good deal of amusement from Youtube videos of amateur tree cutting  35 more words

Home Ec

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Cleaner: Improved Suction Control

The Suction Control slider on the handle of our shiny new Kenmore Progressive vacuum cleaner varies the speed of the howling motor in the base unit, rather than venting more or less air into the pipe.  66 more words

Machine Shop

Slic3r vs. Sequential 3D Printing

The tiny posts on the fencing helmet ear grommet produced a remarkable amount of PETG hair, because the nozzle had to skip between four separate pieces on the platform at each layer: 667 more words

Machine Shop

Copper Pipe Corrosion Pinholes

When we moved into this house, I noticed a hose clamp around the half-inch copper pipe carrying hard water to the toilets and kitchen sink: 244 more words