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How To Fix A Button

So, a button fell off your shirt or your pants, or off of something else you have that also has buttons?  And you say this clothing item you actually like and do not want to toss away like a wasteful person? 627 more words

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For this module we had a double on Thursdays and one Thursday we got to make pizza. This was so much fun and i learned a new skill, we were put in groups and were given a recipe. 41 more words

Verizon FiOS at 1 Gb/s for $70? Really‽

Jessica: Hi! I am a Verizon specialist, can I help you today?

You (that would be me = Ed): Verizon has announced gigabit Internet service for $70/month. 884 more words

Home Ec

Garage Door Openers: Pity the Color Blind

The small garage door opener I tote around in the Tour Easy’s underseat bag failed after many years of exposure to the elements, so I paid a few bucks more for a cheap replacement in order to get fast delivery from a (US!) eBay supplier: 216 more words


Some Things Last: 100 W Incandescent Bulb

The light switch for our attic turns on a single ceramic socket at the top of the stairs. The bulb burned out a few days ago: 115 more words


Amazon EK3211 Kitchen Scale

An unfortunate incident put enough water inside our kitchen scale to, ummm, render it inoperative. After a day of drying proved unavailing, I had nothing to lose by disassembling it. 250 more words

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Form Letter With That Special Touch

For reasons not relevant here, my middle name is Edward and, on some semi-formal documents, I appear as E. Edward.

Which leads to personal greetings that make me feel  16 more words

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