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Pot Lid Repair

For reasons not relevant here, we (temporarily) have a set of pots with glass lids. One of lids had a remarkable amount of crud between the glass and the trim ring under the knob, which turned out to be corrosion falling off the screw. 346 more words

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Cast Iron Pan Seasoning: Round 3

After seasoning the pan after every meal for a few weeks, then not doing that for a few more weeks, its thick glaze began looking somewhat scuffed: 142 more words

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Respooling Stainless Steel Thread: The Knack

The comments on my previous stainless-steel thread respooling attempt suggested that I was entirely too much of a sissy, so, when another empty spool appeared, I tried again with more vigor: 135 more words

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A New Educated Generation

My favorite time as a young girl was the imagination of life. I remember riding around the front yard of my home in Seattle. I played by myself a lot because my sister’s thought I was too young and I thought my brother was too young. 1,125 more words


Under-cabinet Lamp Brackets: Close-fit Power Plug

Adding a little tab to the angled brackets prevents them from pivoting while you’re tightening the mounting screw into the brass insert:

The trick with those tabs is to chop ’em off halfway to the tip, because there’s no point trying to print a wedge that ends with a sharp edge: 236 more words

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Under-cabinet Lamp Brackets: Angled Edition

The LED strip lights have a reasonably diffuse pattern with an on-axis bright area that puts more light on the rear of the counter than seems strictly necessary. 267 more words

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Quilt Blocks: Scan and Montage

Mary has been working on the Splendid Sampler project, with 56 completed blocks (*) stacked on her sewing table. We agreed that those blocks would make a nice background for our Christmas Letter, but the labor involved to photograph all the fabric squares and turn them into a page seemed daunting. 418 more words

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