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Ed's High-Traction Multi-Grain Bread, V 1.1

A somewhat lighter, more rye-tasting loaf than my classic recipe:

Combine dry ingredients in a 4.5-quart mixer bowl:


Jobs I despise

  1. Vacuuming. Even spelling the word is irritating to me, with its droning double vowel. The job is tedious and irritating and you can’t get anything else done while you do it: it’s just complex enough to need all your attention and too loud to mean you can listen to something.
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Makerspace Starter Kit: Shipped!

So I spent the last month (*) extracting the tools, parts, and stock I use on a regular basis, filling 20-ish boxes with stuff I wanted to keep: 175 more words

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Now Is As Good A Time As Any

Did you ever have a plan, idea or project that you put off until the time was right? I had LOTS of them. Retiring and moving to Mexico was going to give me the opportunity to raise from the dead all the things I loved to do but didn’t have time for in the crazy work-life I lived in Austin, Texas. 283 more words

Belt Pack Zipper Pull Re-Repair

In our last episode, the zipper tab on my belt pack had worn through:

I “fixed” that by the simple expedient of running a key ring through the latch that used to hold the tab. 282 more words

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Sweet rewards

Train them right, and you’ll be rewarded (with chocolate chip cookies).


Learning to Homestead-Skills Development

I was going to say that homesteading requires time sacrifices, but I don’t want to make homesteading sound like a hardship.

Once you get a decent skill base developed, homesteading becomes easier and you can start putting your energies into developing skills in the areas that you want to explore. 206 more words

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