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Monthly Science: Bottled Water Evaporation

These emerged from a hidden corner of a basement shelf, where they’ve been sitting undisturbed for far too long:

I’ve known for a while that the… 225 more words

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Amazon Packaging: Lack Thereof, Redux

Fortunately, it’s hard to damage an aluminum-body “tactical” flashlight:

A keyboard and cylindrical cell charger arrived intact, with absolutely no credit due to Amazon’s careful packaging: 60 more words

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Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Tool Adapters: Second Failure

Pretty much as expected, the dust brush nozzle failed again, adjacent to the epoxy repair:

A bit of rummaging turned up some ¾ inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe which, despite the fact that no plumbing measurement corresponds to any physical attribute, had about the right OD to fit inside the adapter’s ID: 214 more words

Machine Shop

J5-V2 700 lm Flashlight: QC FAIL

So I picked up a J5-V2 Tactical Flashlight as a possible bike headlight, on the basis of a 750 (“max output”) lumen LED, zoomable beam, and use of standard 18650 lithium cells (rather than USB charging).  140 more words

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Cast Iron Pan Seasoning After Two Weeks of Use

After two weeks of more-or-less daily use, without any further seasoning:

The seasoning in between the scuffs & scrapes remains in fine shape. Running the Scotchbrite pad around the perimeter obviously wears the coating, but, on the whole, nothing sticks anywhere. 49 more words


Kitchen Spatula Search: Solved!

A Flint Arrow stainless steel spatula works exactly the way a spatula should:

That is, of course, a used spatula from eBay. It cost slightly more than the… 38 more words


Gilmour Garden Hose Y Valve: FAIL

Mary couldn’t unscrew either of the two outlet hoses emerging from one of the (many) Y valves in her Vassar Farms plot. After deploying the Lesser Vise-Grip from my bike toolkit to no avail, I brought a Greater Vise-Grip from the shop and applied brute force. 180 more words