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Fiskars Scissors: Preemptive Pivot Tightening

A new-to-us Fiskars scissors arrived with a loose pivot of a type I’d never seen before:

Fiskars scissors – pivot nut in place

The nut fits into the slot in the upper blade, making the nut and screw turn together. 77 more words

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Fluorescent Ballast Caps: FAIL

After converting another fluorescent shoplight into an LED fixture, I tested its capacitors:

Fluorescent ballast capacitors – one failed

The ESR02 reports one as a 4.8 µF capacitor, the other as a “defective part” with a 4 kΩ resistance. 27 more words

Machine Shop

Heavy Object. Team Lift Required

So says the label on a recent Amazon package:

Heavy Object Team Lift – foam floor mats

It contains half a dozen foam floor mat sheets weighing a bit under a pound apiece. 15 more words

Machine Shop

Samsung EVO Pro 32 GB MicroSD Cards

Installing the Xiaomi Dafang Hacks firmware requires an MicroSD card in each camera and, my previous stock having run low, four more just arrived:

Samsung EVO Plus – 32 GB MicroSD … 63 more words

Electronics Workbench

Xiaomi Dafang Hacks: Motion Detection

Given a camera running Xiaomi Dafang Hacks software, you can set up motion-triggered image capture and save the images either locally or on an FTP server. 287 more words


Multiprocess Book-on-CD Ripping

The most recent iteration of ripping a book-on-CD to bits suitable for a small MP3 player begins by defining the metadata:

author="Whoever Wrote It"
title="Whatever It May Be About" 394 more words

Money For Nothing: Bitcoin Blackmail

The spam filters on my email account snagged a message with an impressive subject:

Be sure to read this message! Your personal data is threatened! 503 more words

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