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Tiger Wife

She dozes in the shade in the heat of the afternoon. Suddenly her eyes flash wide open: she senses an intruder in her territory. She rises, moving purposefully to meet the challenge. 493 more words

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Vietnamese Vegan

I like fresh rolls. A lot. I also like cold sesame noodles. A lot.

What a great idea to make and eat them both at the same time! 445 more words

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Splitting Banana Skins

Over the last year or two, we’ve had several bunches of bananas that split their own skin:

Apart from the slightly dried section directly under the split, the banana is perfectly edible. 45 more words

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Always Sign Your Work

Quite some years ago, I added a wire shelf to the bottom of the “pantry” closet to hold odds-and-ends. The most recent deep-cleaning cycle required removing the shelf, which required removing the mounting brackets to get the fool thing out of the closet. 68 more words

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Kenmore 158: Large(st) Spool Holder

Large quilting projects require lots of thread, beyond the capacity of the previous spool adapter, so we came up with a different solution:

These are cheap & readily available from the… 309 more words

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Water Heater Anode Rod Status

The GE rod continues to corrode nicely:

But, as before, most of the corrosion is close to the top end. The rest of the rod was covered with a thick mineral scale that I hammered off, then scuffed the rod with a… 10 more words

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Spring sprang sprung

I cannot believe how long I put off a blog post and I have had tons of projects going! Here are some pics to preview at least and hopefully ill fill you in soon. 6 more words

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