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My Recipe for Easy Hollandaise

As a teen-age girl I once laughed at someone who told me that making hollandaise  sauce was hard. I had been making it this simple way for years and it never fails. 375 more words

I Wish I'd Had Home Ec

Although I probably would have skipped it a la Physical Education.

But now that I’m 22-almost-23, struggling with adulting like any millennial worth their salt, and patiently waiting for my copy of ‘Investing in Your 20s and 30s for Dummies’ from the library, I’m wishing high school had done more to prepare me for the simple facts and tasks of everyday life. 499 more words

Summer Downshift

We have several high-intensity / long-attention-span home projects scheduled this summer, all of which will keep me away from the Basement Laboratory.

We’re OK, all is right with our world, but painting rooms and yard maintenance always take  62 more words


Subaru Forester Relamping

Prompted by RCP’s battery misadventure, I replaced a handful of the Forester’s incandescent bulbs:

Despite what look like “squeeze here” markings, you must push the license plate bulb holders toward the center of the car: 201 more words

Machine Shop

Mint Extract: The Beginning

Mary harvested a great bunch of spearmint from a place where it wouldn’t be missed and, after rinsing, plucking, and chopping, we now have a liter of Mint Extract in the making: 206 more words

Home Ec

The Pretzel Incident That Wasn’t

I raised everyone’s hopes. I boosted expectations. I made this coherent menu and built the lead-up to all my housemates for this Memorial Day Weekend here at our shared beach house. 312 more words


Mower Blade Standardization, Lack Thereof

The blade from our current Craftsman mower is on the right:

The other two came from our previous Craftsman mowers.

Stipulated: Sears sources their mowers from various suppliers, but it’d be great if everybody could agree on a single blade mount and be done with it. 67 more words

Machine Shop