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Six Gallon Can Lid Adapter to Platform Bird Feeder

A House Finch suffering from Finch Eye Disease prompted me to sterilize our feeder, which meant providing a temporary feeder to keep the birds flying. Having an abundance of lids from six gallon plastic cans / buckets, this made sense: 149 more words

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Sterling Table Knife Repair

A sterling knife followed me home after a Thanksgiving gathering:

The original cement, dating back to the middle of the last century, turned into friable dust around the blade tang: 63 more words

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Halogen Desk Lamp Conversion

As part of converting the halogen desk lamp to LEDs, I replaced the hulking iron transformer with a flatter counterweight:

Under normal circumstances, you’d use something like steel or lead sheets, but… 254 more words

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Ants in My Drawers

Our Compact Edition of the OED doesn’t get much use these days, but Mary needed a magnifier for a class on quilt judging and the OED has one that seemed just about right: 76 more words

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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner: Cord Protection

The ancient (Came With The House™) Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner long ago lost the plastic bushing around the opening passing its retractable cord, which I’d long sworn to replace.  88 more words

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Icecast and Ezstream Configuration

Plugging a 64 GB USB stick with directories full of MP3 / OGG files into an always-on Raspberry Pi running Pi-Hole, one can use Icecast to stream them for clients on the LAN, so as to avoid over-the-Intertubes streaming issues. 251 more words


It's happening? It's happening. It is happening.

I read once that it’s important to talk about goals as declarative statements, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

Turning “I’m working on possibly opening up a store” into “I’m opening a store!” 482 more words