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Life with a Yorkshire Terrier

If your children are lucky enough to enjoy life with a Yorkshire terrier, you’ll recognize our Teddy.

Happy. Self-confident. Highly intelligent. Persistent. Protective. Noisy. Wags a lot. 98 more words

Parents And Children

How to Discipline Kids: Moving ON, Part III

In the last post, I gave you a good framework to use when addressing back talk with your child.  The last step to take is moving on, bringing her back into the family’s tasks and rhythms. 121 more words

Parents And Children

Don't have enough time to spend with your Green Cheek Conure

So here I am, writing this blog post after having Nono in the flock for 2 and a half years. I remember when we just got Nono, everything he does was so new, and there are tons of tricks to train him, and he is just SOOOO cute not to look at. 563 more words

Beyond the Needle & Home Environment workshop

4-H Leader, Robbi Blume, will be hosting a Beyond the Needle & Home Environment workshop Friday, April 15 at the Cherry County Extension Office. The workshop will be from 4:30 to 6:30 PM, CT. 83 more words

Don't Say This

Do you ever say to your child, “I wasn’t good at math, either,” followed by “I’m more of a English (or other topic) person.”

Pardon the caps while I write,  “STOP SAYING THAT!” 179 more words

Parents And Children

Make your children sensitive not touchey

A sensitive person thinks deeply about himself as well as others. Such a person always feels empathy for others and is always ready to help those who are in need. 274 more words


You would think with me being a Health Coach that I mostly talked about nutrition; however, nutrition is pretty straight forward and is pretty simple once you understand some simple aspects. 778 more words

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