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Part1: Maths in 3 year old’s Life

Is your child 3 years old? Has he/she started going to school? May be, the teacher has already started introducing numbers. But, is the child ready to make himself comfortable with numbers? 149 more words


What's Up With Today's Super Sensitive Kids?

One of my friends recently took her three-year-old son to a sensory-friendly theater – where kids who are susceptible to sensory input, or who have trouble sitting still for long periods, can enjoy a movie in a safe, comfortable environment. 980 more words


Go Green!

I strive to go green on both the inside and outside – through wellness, the environment, and nature. I’m here to tell you that going green is more than just recycling and turning off the lights. 946 more words


Why I Freed the Green

Green is more than just a color. It’s health. It’s nature. It’s life.

Green is taking a breath of fresh air in the midst of blossoming meadows, and it’s soaking up some sunshine on your balcony. 528 more words


How to Eliminate Air Pollution From Your House

Human health is strongly affected by the quality of indoor air, especially in urban areas, 80% of the individual activities happened in the room.

Unlike the case with outdoor pollution that can sometimes be seen with our naked eyes, such as motor vehicle exhaust fumes are black, indoor pollution is not noticeable and odorless. 618 more words

Home Environment

Can YOU really change the environment around you ?

Is it possible? The most expected answer is No! You cannot decide about your environment beforehand. You can’t choose your parents, family, place before coming to this world.Very true! 279 more words



If you feel inconsistent, lost, or like you’re moving backwards this post is for you!  I’m going to tell you how I manage to keep moving forward despite having Borderline Personality Disorder and dropping into low depression swings or high anxiety swings. 1,109 more words