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resiliency [18]

The grass was cut.  Blossoms are falling from the trees.  The wind stirs things up.

The black birds are reveling in the cut grass.

Several of them slowly… 438 more words


Sometimes we have shit days.

Sometimes we have shit days. The other day was one of those for me. You know the drill … wake up with a thumper of a headache for no apparent reason. 651 more words

'Me' Time

Earth Month: Support Those That Care

With April being Earth month, what better time to choose to support those that care.

Never before has there been so many different brands on the market with a multitude of promises on the external packaging and by spokespeople who naively don’t know any better. 600 more words

Beauty Care

Be genki Ritual

Become aware of your self-talk and introduce stress-relieving, self-nurturing, and beautifying rituals to help promote happiness, beauty and wellbeing.

This month, when going about your day-to-day tasks, can I please request that you do so without judgment? 210 more words

'Me' Time

A Birthday Wish

It’s no secret that I love to travel. But whilst I jump for joy at the short visits to exotic destinations that take my breath away, what I love more so is immersing myself in a different culture, questioning, wondering and exploring so that I can see things from other people’s perspectives. 725 more words

'Me' Time

Give the Gift of Allowance

Please excuse my lack of postings over the past few weeks. There is a good reason for it though. I promise :) I’ve been dedicating my time to reading the thousands (yes, you read it correctly) the thousands of pages of Reference Material notes, so that I could become a Certified Facilitator in Access Consciousness®. 771 more words

'Me' Time

Eliminating Toxins from Your Home

You exercise regularly, you eat healthy and done other things to clean your personal environment in your home including ditching BPA bottles, thowing out the Drano and stop using pesticides to kill spiders.   572 more words

Essential Oil Uses