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My Husband is a Law Student

Yes, my husband is indeed a law student. I once was, and I miss it a little! So I’m very happy he’s doing his degree. We can chat about moral law, ethics and philosophy, natural law or positivism, and my personal favourite, sovereignty of the Australian states, and so on. 87 more words


Orchids - The Growing Environment

Orchids In The Home.

You do not have to have a greenhouse to grow orchids. If you can grow a houseplant, you can enjoy growing orchids. 776 more words


Making Space For the Child

One of the core principles of Montessori pedagogy is the understanding that the child fully develops themselves by means of experience in their environment.  426 more words


From Princess to Problem

Alright, so “Problem” is probably a bit too strong.  1,309 more words


The Movement Mat and Mirror

Description: A mattress large enough to allow for free movement. A mirror is secured horizontally next to the mattress. It can be used throughout the day in a special space for movement or even as the child’s bedroom sleeping set up. 992 more words


Nature and our well-being

I’ve learned that if I spend a day outside; whether that’s at the beach or walking around town, I tend to feel more relaxed and upbeat by the end of the day. 202 more words

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Home Environment Factors Linked to Increased Physical Activity

A recent study suggests that home environment factors such as being outside, children being nearby, and mother interaction were associated with increased physical activity in toddlers. 53 more words

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