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The Movement Mat and Mirror

Description: A mattress large enough to allow for free movement. A mirror is secured horizontally next to the mattress. It can be used throughout the day in a special space for movement or even as the child’s bedroom sleeping set up. 992 more words


Nature and our well-being

I’ve learned that if I spend a day outside; whether that’s at the beach or walking around town, I tend to feel more relaxed and upbeat by the end of the day. 202 more words

General Information

Home Environment Factors Linked to Increased Physical Activity

A recent study suggests that home environment factors such as being outside, children being nearby, and mother interaction were associated with increased physical activity in toddlers. 53 more words

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Little Green Steps

Go paperless from investment prospectus documents.

Eco-action #3

Most banking institutions have a paperless option, which I’ve signed up for over the years for general banking. 200 more words

Little Green Steps

Eco-action #2 – Reduce catalog subscriptions.

I’ve been calling a bunch of catalog companies, using their general customer service number on the back of the catalog and removing myself from the mailing list. 91 more words


About a week ago or more, my fiancĂ© and I went to church. We went to the 11:15am service, which wasn’t the service I originally wanted to go to. 572 more words

Everyday Living

Part3: Maths in 3 year old's life

In the previous post, I talked about how the concepts of ‘big’ and ‘small’, ‘more’ and ‘less’ etc. In continuation of the Five part Series of… 213 more words