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My Yard as a Battleground

Yep. I am at war. It happens to some degree every year. I plant flowers in my yard and squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks team up to trample them, dig them up, or chow them to the ground. 253 more words

This And That

Lenny's Tapas Bar

After a short glimpse on what to serve in a French Brasserie (Btw I checked the menu card of our new Brasserie in town – no artichokes, shame on them!!!) here is another idea for small dishes and appetizers which in combination give a great party dinner for summer: 143 more words


Little Lionheart

Just a few pictures of my little Hannibal, who has been diagnosed chronic renal insufficiency (yeah I know after losing Mimmi this March)…he has become so thin, but this guy has been fighting his whole life after his accident, he won’t give up…I hope he still has some power left…


If We Were Having Coffee....5/20/17

If we were having coffee…I would ask you to come in, sit down, relax, move those empty grocery bags out of you way. I had to run to the supermarket this morning, not my favorite thing on a Saturday but my family was bellyaching about the lack of food around here. 382 more words

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6 Steps to Confronting Passive-Aggressive Behavior

By: Signe Whitson

Do you know someone who is overtly cooperative but covertly defiant? Do you live or work with a person who chronically procrastinates, carries out tasks with intentional inefficiency, or acts as if he or she is the victim of your impossibly high standards? 1,500 more words

Personal Development

Becoming a Maker

Last year, while I was pregnant with my daughter, I had specific things that I envisioned her having, and one of those was bonnets. I just loved seeing babies in bonnets. 740 more words

Inspiration & Reflection

6 Things I Learnt This Mother's Day

It’s 9am and I’m working as I do every morning. Suddenly I remember, it’s Mother’s Day! I can’t help but reflect on motherhood – Tasha is nearly two BUT it feels like I’ve been a mummy forever! 1,227 more words

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