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So I wouldn't have to mow.

There’s an old saw about how European settlers to the American continent had lots of children because there was lots to do. Every child you added to the stable, so to speak, was another laborer to help till the land, carry the firewood, cook the food, to contribute, as it were, to the running of home and farmstead. 285 more words

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Sleep and a Baby

Ah. Sleep. Five letters, a short word, but it’s undoubtedly a central topic to new parents happiness (and sanity). I don’t have any sleeping advice other than the age old “sleep when the baby sleeps” (which I did and it is amazing advice), but I do want to share my experience with our sleep and our now (almost) 8 month old. 1,716 more words

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If We Were Having Coffee...7/16/17

Good morning!

If we were having coffee today you would find me lounging at the kitchen table still in my jammies, hair all askew and my coffee cup within reach. 719 more words

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Sunny rain in my eye

Some more pictures, including street decoration for the Danube festival and my only self portrait:


Ask the Experts // Family Reunion Tips

Draw the short straw on family reunion assignments and are suddenly faced with preparing food for the multitudes? Here are some tips from USU Extension family and consumer sciences faculty to help ease the pain. 1,030 more words

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Expo 67

Today, July 1st, is Canada Day! This year, Canada turns 150 years old. I’ve been blessed that I was born in the 1950’s and have been able to participate in our country’s two milestone anniversaries: the Centennial (100 years) and now the 150th birthday. 540 more words

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Letter to My Dad

If you’ve lost a loved one – family member, friend or someone else, I’m sure you’ll relate to some of the things I say here. If you haven’t lost someone close, but they were distant or you haven’t lost anyone at all, I hope you’ll understand this post somehow coz the feelings are real. 548 more words

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