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Shut in? You can still exercise a home

Exercise is effective in more ways than one. Not only is it important for our physical and mental health – the benefits of activating and engaging our muscles are endless and can be harnessed in everything from our work and travel arrangements to our social lives and daily home routines. 644 more words


Still Trying

I had a little bit of a revelation this week.  I guess I probably shouldn’t call it so much of a revelation as an additional point of thought on my own personality?   301 more words

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I enjoy Easter as a general rule.  I can’t say it’s my favorite holiday there is, but I enjoy it.  There’s family, people dress fancy, food is good, and everyone seems genuinely happy on Easter.   532 more words

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I almost forgot to weigh in today!  I also forgot it was Monday until my husband asked if I was going to get up.  Small details.   341 more words

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It's Gettin Crafty

So I’ve managed to talk myself into working out twice this week.  I’m doing good!  Now we just have to see if I can talk myself into working out Saturday morning and that will technically be 3 times this week.   333 more words

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Know Work Know Gain

I felt like I was doing really well last week.  I lost a pound!  OK, well, I lost .8 of a pound, but all’s fair in weight and scales.   344 more words

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Why am I doing this?

One of the biggest things I had to think about before I decided to try again at this getting healthy thing is my motivation.  I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but I believe deep down that there has to be… 277 more words

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