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After the Relationship...Great tips I might have to try!

After being told that I am sometimes too hard to handle.  And falling hard at that statement.  I realized it wasn’t a break up.  It was nothing, a something that just turned to Nothing again.   32 more words


Alternative Means of Healing - I Drum To The Anger Gods! How Art and Healing Go Together

So Art Heals:  Good Read: Art and Healing  

Alternative means of healing is in my basket.  I have a wicked anger issue.  So what do I do?   118 more words


Eating Organic - Results Are Quite Drastic! Great if you can afford it.

I try to buy organic and I have to admit, organic tastes much fresher and actually better, which results in me eating better.  This is a good read and video…the results quite drastic!!   64 more words