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The Benefits Of Going To The Gym - I think I’ve got it all wrong!

I’ve recently joined the gym it’s a major step for me. I’m 46 and a mum of a nearly 3 year old. I’ve never been super fit or slim so I do need to get fitter and lose some weight.  580 more words

Vacation Workout

I’m on vacation and yes, I have a workout plan. I know what you’re thinking, only crazy people workout on their vacation.

I’m not diligent about getting my workout in on vacation but if I’m away from exercise too long I start to not feel good and I get cranky. 348 more words

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Be healthier right now!

I did a quick video about this over on my Facebook page earlier today and I thought the topic was worth writing about too.

In the video, I suggested that becoming more aware could help us lead to better over all health. 778 more words


What the Hell is a Flexitarian??

A flexitarian is someone who consumes a mostly planted-based diet but occasionally eats meat, poultry and/or seafood.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been pretty conscious of what I put in my mouth. 375 more words

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My Pieces Of Running Gear

I have a dream, to one day own at least half the running gear on my Pinterest Board!  The running gear is sassy, colourful and definitely inspiring.   682 more words


Ready for a shift?

Stuck in a rut, maybe you have plateaued with your results, prepping for an event, or just want to create better habits when it comes with your health and fitness? 304 more words

My Wish

My wish for the fitness industry?
To stop making numbers so important.

Pounds lifted, pounds lost, calories, macros, inches lost, etc.

None of it matters if we are not in the right place mentally. 161 more words