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An App-reciation​ for fitness.

Smartphones have taken over our lives. The distraction factor of having the world of social media and google and games and photos and Whats App and…see what I mean. 831 more words

Home Fitness

Salad vs. Veggie Sticks

We eat pretty healthy in my house. 80% of my personal diet is plant-based and my kids understand the importance of a healthy diet and appreciate how they feel when they eat well. 390 more words

Home Fitness

My Must-Have Home Exercise Equipment

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Since I work out at home the majority of my workouts involve no equipment at all. I make a point of creating workout plans that require very little or no equipment so that anybody can do them anywhere. 425 more words

Home Fitness

Why You Should Start a Home Fitness Routine

There are only so many hours in a day. Between work, school, and family life, it’s hard to find time to drive to the gym, change, workout, shower, and drive home.  594 more words

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How You Can Create Freedom Through Routine

Being a mom means I thrive off of routines. We seem to have a routine for everything! There is a morning routine, a bath time routine, a dinner routine, and a bedtime routine. 1,137 more words

Those Must-Try Activities For All-Round Fitness

The vast majority of us want to be as fit as possible. Yet, that can be difficult to achieve. This is partly due to the nature of our lifestyles. 734 more words


5 Reasons Why Working Out at Home Doesn't Suck

I have NEVER been a fan of gyms; they smell funny, everyone always looks super thrilled to be there (sarcasm), and they are always packed (unless you go at some ungodly hour) but instead of listing the reasons why gyms suck (oh wait, I already did), I thought I would give you five reasons why working out at home doesn’t suck. 283 more words