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The House at Sea's End by Elly Griffiths

Dr Ruth Galloway is, once again, needed when the bodies of six men are discovered by archaeologists during an investigation into coastal erosion on the Norfolk coast. 252 more words


Went the Day Well

Made at the height of World War Two, Went the Day Well is a British film that deserves revisiting from time to time. What probably started as an Ealing film destined as much for propaganda as entertainment, has become recognised- after a long period of critical neglect – as one of the finest war films made during the conflict itself. 886 more words

Home Guard

Back Row – Ted Cox, …Staddon, Dover man, unknown, Charlie Haynes, Albert Cox, Edward Payne, John Darrington, Fred Darrington, Fred Odell, Archie Cox

3rd Row – Charlie Allen, Ken Keightley, Charlie Dickens, Percy Philpot, Dover man, Maurice Darrington, Bobby Paxton, William Ruff, Jack Wilson, Arthur Wheeler… 88 more words


June 30, 1916

An Act of Parliament dating back more than 50 years – The Volunteer Act of 1863 – was used to bring the Home Guards of Ashbourne into the regular army in the summer of 1916. 932 more words

June 23, 1916

A letter from the Duke of Devonshire was reproduced in the Ashbourne Telegraph this week, appealing for men to sign up for the newly-formed Derbyshire Volunteers. 1,023 more words

Imagine having to fill this form in...

One of our listing volunteers, Roger, has been working through some unlisted family/estate papers this morning, and came across this:

Most readers will recognise LDV as standing form Local Defence Volunteers, usually known as the Home Guard.  271 more words


14th May 1940. Defence of the Realm.

When in May 1940 the Local Defence Volunteers (LDV) was formed, recruits were supposed to be between 17 and 65, with a fitness requirement of ‘free movement’. 556 more words