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Privately Owned Warships

Asked in a G+ comment:

How common is it for individuals to own full up dreadnought or super-dreadnought class warships? Am I correct in thinking that individually owned and operated cruiser and frigate class warships are commonplace?

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Post War Home Guard Rubber Stamp

Whilst the history of the Home Guard in World War Two is well known, what is often forgotten is that in the 1950s the Home Guard was reformed in December 1951 to provide a force to combat a predicted invasion of 20,000 Soviet paratroopers. 257 more words

British Army

Don't Panic! Don't Panic! New Dad's Army film but are remakes worth the risk?

One of the things I find being an avid cinema and television fan is that remakes are often ultimately disappointing.   I’d much rather watch a brand new idea rather than revisit an old one which is likely to be much less enjoyable than the memories, if slightly biased of older classics. 1,092 more words

People's Patriot Coalition

People’s Patriot Coalition

This is a grass roots guerrilla organization formed to allow people to protect themselves and organize for the purpose of preserving and protecting the ultimate means to an end.

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Texas Militia

Texas Militia

Welcome to The Texas Militia Assistance & Defense Forces website, the ONLY official website for The Texas Militia Assistance & Defense Forces. We are not associated with any other group or militia unless specified on this site.

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Home Guard Lapel Badge

In an era when all men wore lounge suits in civilian life, lapel badges were common ways of identifying one’s affiliations- military, political or social. The collecting of Home Front lapel badges is an area of militaria that is growing rapidly. 212 more words


Eveline, Will and Suzanne

Without a Country is the story of families struggling to survive while caught in the whirlwind of the Civil War.  The citizens of Watauga County, North Carolina were a curious lot.  213 more words
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