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Eveline, Will and Suzanne

Without a Country is the story of families struggling to survive while caught in the whirlwind of the Civil War.  The citizens of Watauga County, North Carolina were a curious lot.  213 more words
Civil War

June 18, 1915

After the horrors reported in the pages of the Ashbourne Telegraph in recent weeks the edition of June 18, 1915 was mercifully short on tragic news from the front. 725 more words

Off to Saltville

Without a Country – Our story continues at the home of Will and Suzanne.  They were running out of salt and couldn’t get salt through the Watauga County distribution system.  333 more words

Without a Country - We Need Salt!

Salt.  It’s on french fries and potato chips.  It’s used to season soups, vegetables, meats, and many other things we cook.  We use it to melt ice… 347 more words
Civil War

The Conclusion to the Bear and the Panther and the Home Guard

While Will huddled in the ravine under the log he had to make a decision – what would he do?  The bear and the panther approached and, with each step, they grew more agitated.  216 more words
Civil War

The Home Guard: beginnings, film and TV versions – and the real thing

In 1940 as the German army swept rapidly through Holland, Belgium and France an invasion of Great Britain was a very real threat. Yes, Britain was protected to a degree by the sea. 570 more words

May 14, 1915

The sinking of the steamship RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915, caused one of the greatest civilian outrages of the war and the Ashbourne Telegraph was able to bring its readers a first-hand account. 1,243 more words