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Will the real Captain Mainwaring please stand up

I have always loved a good comedy, Dad’s Army and ‘Allo ‘Allo included. No one, for even one moment, thought that the French Resistance was in anyway like the ‘adventures’ of Rene, yet many people seem to think that the bumblings of Captain Mainwaring and his men somehow epitomised the Home Guard during the Second World War. 1,719 more words


Week 2 Year 3: BREAKING NEWS: Storm Katie smashes the brand new Greenhouse, New Strawberries and First Early Potatoes are planted...


After managing to build and glaze the new Greenhouse on Good Friday, it was disappointing after two lovely family days to receive a telephone call from a fellow Plot Holder, who indeed, was the “bearer of bad news”. 682 more words

Planning & Preparations

Definitely not a "Dads' Army"

Topic April/May 2016. In the previous Topic page we looked at the Frontiersmen leading up to WW1. We must now look more closely at what they did up to and including the early years of WW2. 2,722 more words

Legion Of Frontiersmen

Frederick Joseph Edmund Carter: Ham's young Home Guard

Frederick Joseph Edmund Carter (c. 1924–1942)
Home Guard,
Drowned, aged 18, while carrying out his duties, 19 March 1942,
at Teddington Lock.

Followers of Pike in… 1,180 more words

Week 50 Year 2: Sowing Seeds for Growing Season 2016...

Another cold week, so my focus has been on sowing some seeds, ready for the Growing Season. They will be kept in the small lean-to Greenhouse by the House, and I have switched on the heating and the light in there, so they should sprout soon. 281 more words

Planning & Preparations

Week 49 Year 2: Winter Growth:Garlic, Onions & Leeks and Chitting Potatoes...

After a few weeks in warmer climates, it was good to get back to the Allotment to make sure, it’s still there!

It’s definitely a cold winter, as Winters usually are. 419 more words

Raised Beds

A day in the sun

As we’re away for a few days I’m converting to travelogue mode for a few days.

It’s been a pleasant day today, with the sun being bright and warm as we drove through Cambridgeshire. 464 more words