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BABYLON 5 - 1x07 - 'The War Prayer'


Written by: D C. FONTANA


Racism was always going to crop up in the Babylon-5 universe, given J. Michael Stracynzski… 426 more words

Royal Navy Youth Entry Scheme Badge

During the Second World War the Royal Navy used a variety of methods for acquiring enough suitable men to train as officers. Whilst initially successful, the rapid expansion of coastal forces and landing craft required ever greater numbers of junior officers and the force was competing with both the RAF and the Army for the best candidates. 338 more words


March 5, 1915

Although not for the first time since the start of the war, the March 5, 1915, edition of the Telegraph featured photographs on its pages. A first was a picture of some troops serving overseas, though not servicemen from Ashbourne. 873 more words

Tuesday Finds

A few nice finds today, again the cold seemed to have kept many of the dealers away. Nevertheless I am pleased with these little additions to my collection… 488 more words


February 19, 1915

Fear of invasion by German forces had prompted the urgent formation of a Home Guard and bolstered calls for more urgent recruitment of men to the armed services. 968 more words

February 12, 1915

The enthusiasm for the establishment of a Home Guard unit in Ashbourne was mirrored by residents of nearby villages who flocked to parish meetings to discuss defending homes against a German invasion. 935 more words

February 5, 1915

Drunkenness among the womenfolk of the nation was a causing concern with reports in the national press of a dramatic increase in the numbers frequenting pubs. 964 more words