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My top coffee table titles + styling & where to start

It seems like every living room magazine cover and Pinterest picture is complete with a perfectly styled coffee table that looks like it’s never touched. Do you ever wonder how they actually use their table for coffee? 1,011 more words

Dinners of Shame

We’ve all had those days where we remember were the one in charge of feeding the small helpless people of our home. That their lives require a dinner. 734 more words


The easiest whitewashing how-to in just 3 steps!

We’re in full on remodel mode at our house and projects are happening everywhere. If you don’t follow along with us on instagram or hadn’t heard, God recently provided a way for us to buy the house we’ve been living in unexpectedly and we are SO thankful! 1,017 more words

Marble Zen Ultrasonic Diffuser by Oriwest | Essential Oil Benefits | AROMATHERAPY.

Marble Zen Ultrasonic Diffuser by Oriwest

Happy Friday Loves,

I wanted to share my favourite Diffuser, It is the Marble Zen UltraSonic Diffuser by Oriwest. I like it of course because it is SOOOO pretty with the Marble sleek design but it also last up to 10 hours. 355 more words

The secret ingredient to meaningful party planning (it's simpler than you think!)

We’ve had a whole lot of reasons to celebrate and parties to plan recently so I decided to round up my best tips for maximizing meaningfulness in your even planning! 1,632 more words

I cleaned my stovetop gas burners and....


My stove top is almost 7 years old now. I have been cleaning it regularly. But this time I had a hankering for a bigger project. 227 more words


How to turn your pinspiration into a party that won't break your budget!

In the last 30 days I hosted two bridal showers for my sister, a 1st birthday party for my son, and a Mother’s Day lunch for family and friends. 1,842 more words