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Choosing the Right Kind Of Flooring for Your Home: A Short Guide from Mills Creek

When you are installing a new floor you need to look at all the possibilities to make an informed choice. This post will give you a basic idea on the different types of flooring out there. 236 more words

Home Improvement Contractor

The Different Types of Wood Finishing

A finish is what protects your wooden floor from wear and tear and ensures longevity. Apart from the functionality angle, the sheen of its finish serves as an aesthetic quality as well. 215 more words

Home Improvement Contractor

The Different Foundation Types

Foundation is important for any building structure; its significance is a lot more important when it comes to coastal locations. There are a lot of external factors that may influence the structure such as… 255 more words

Home Improvement Contractor

Mills Creek Builders - Build with the best along the coast

Building a house in the city is hard enough, building a house along the coast can have quite a few foreseeable issues such as complicated environmental and planning regulations, frequently changing codes, and climate conditions. 267 more words

Home Improvement Contractor

Contractor Problem? Remember the License Bond as Security.

For homeowner’s damaged by a home improvement contractor working on their their primary residence, don’t forget their License Bond as security.  For these homeowner’s, the available License Bond proceeds are the full sum of the bond or $12,500.00.   125 more words

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The Importance of using a Licensed Contractor in CT

Don’t think a contractor being licensed is anything to consider when hiring someone for your home improvements?

Think again! A license filed with the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is in fact for your, the homeowner’s protection. 510 more words


Winnipeg Home Lanscaping Picture: Back Yard Design Idea

Home Renovation to Exterior of Home’s Property in the Linden Woods area of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The decorative concrete edging is coloured Slate in a 4×6 foot angled profile and was completed 4 years ago and still looks like new! 10 more words

Backyard Landscaping Ideas