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3 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Cleaner for your Household is a Must

  1. Professional cleaners does a better job than you
    Item 1 may sound a little bit harsh but that’s why we have the saying “the truth hurts” right?
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5 Must Try Cleaning Tips & Tricks

It would be very nice to go to nature reserves, visit Swan Valley, have a great aquaculture trail or drive in the green field while the sun is shining during summer in Australia but as a mom, CLEANING will go first before enjoying such fun and thrilling activities. 238 more words

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5 Simple Hacks to Make Your House Super Clean

Cleaning the house has always been the struggle of most stay at home and working moms, so here’s a compilation of quick and easy to do tips to make the task easy. 125 more words

Home Improvement Ideas

20 DIY Furniture Makeover Projects

I’m so excited to share these 20 DIY furniture makeover projects with you today! They will inspire you to take your latest thrift store find or drab piece of furniture you already own and give it a completely new look and feel. 26 more words

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Faux Bois Sharpie Pitcher

We have the cutest faux bois pitcher on YouTube!  Please watch the tutorial and give us a like and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!   37 more words

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Silhouette Sharpie Mugs for Valentine's Day

We have a new tutorial on our YouTube channel today!  Have you subscribed?  I hope so!   We have at least one new video every Saturday!  (plus one or two sprinkled in through out the week!) Anywho!   35 more words

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Traditional Single Ply Roofing On Metal Buildings Is Not a Good Idea!

When most of us think about roofing, we think of the traditional asphalt shingles that are common place throughout much of suburbia.  Some might even say that no one ever got fired for choosing a single ply asphalt roof. 604 more words

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