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The Incident Command System

The Incident Command System (ICS) was created in order to insure that “all risks” were taken care of as in made sure that the problem is fixed. 217 more words

The layering system and Heat transfer

Today I am writing about the Layering system and heat transfer for a school assignment. The layering system is often used by Search and Rescue (SAR). 180 more words

StudyLadder: Math @Home

StudyLadder is a website where students can practice Math in a fun and engaging way.

Our class is now using a free version of Studyladder. This website will help reinforce what has been taught in the classroom. 77 more words

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My Best friend and what we do together


Today I am writing about my best friend for a school assignment. Most kids have a best friend at school but, for me, I don’t really have a living breathing best  friend. 402 more words

What I did over the Summer Vacation

Over the Summer Vacation I did many fun activities. The very first week of summer vacation I spent out at my grandparent’s house in Macclenny Florida. 698 more words

How I can Control Small Expenses

I am only 13 years-old so I don’t know much about this subject. The reason that I am even taking a personal finance class in the 8th grade is so that I don’t end up making as many mistakes as other people. 249 more words

My Favorite School Subject

My favorite school subject is English Language Arts. Although it is pretty obvious that I love to read, I also very much enjoy to write. My writing skills aren’t the best in the world, but everyone always needs practise. 212 more words