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9th Grade Business 1: Lesson 35

In this essay, for Business 1, I will be explaining my answer to the following question. Would you rather start a small business or take a minimum wage job as an apprentice to a mentor? 528 more words


9th Grade Business 1: Lesson 30

In this essay, for Business 1, I will be explaining why, I will have lost money at age 70 because of television. Now, I don’t usually watch excessive amounts of television, however I do watch some. 569 more words


Read, Write, Count

Look out for the new Primary 4-7 Read, Write, Count Home Kits which will be delivered to schools in November.

These contain a range of numeracy items that can be borrowed by pupils to take home and explore: 42 more words

Turn Your Child Into A Maths Whizz With These Fun Games

As a parent it’s a constant battle to do what is “best” for your children. Striking the right balance between “letting children be children” and giving them every opportunity to learn is not an easy one. 785 more words


Reading For Pleasure - Hot Chocolate at Starbooks

In a previous blog post (https://teachingtrafford.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/our-classroom-a-home-away-from-home/) I alluded to a Reading for Pleasure strategy I was hoping to trial this academic year. Two weeks, two hot chocolates and one mango juice into my trialling, I thought it would be good to sketch out the idea and reflect on the approach so far. 612 more words


Holy Eff... It's Almost October.

Like, wasn’t just yesterday early August?
Or maybe even late August.

But no… somehow it is already almost October?!?!

The leaves are changing colours.

The rain has finally started falling. 724 more words


Homeschooling, fall 2017, age 8.5


She continues to read for enjoyment and with ease. Her co-op class utilizes Jr. Great Books, and while she’s grouped with the lower elementary kids once again, I think it is great practice for that sort of reading/comprehension/analysis/discussion type of work. 519 more words

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