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Fruit Sorbet Sensation

Recipe and Video Tutorial:

This is always a welcomed treat in the warmth of spring and summer; and, the preparation is simple and easy to do with the whole family, and friends, including young, little hands (with supervision). 302 more words


Firewalls and Viruses

This week I learned about Firewalls and Viruses among other topics. I decided to write about these topics because they really interest me. However, some of the viruses out in the world right now scare me a lot. 352 more words


Space Exploration and the 1970’s Recession

Today, I had to decide what to write about for my history class. I was told to choose one topic to write about, however there were two that really interested me so I decided to make a fusion of topics. 783 more words


A Seaside Adventure

TJ’s topic at school this half term has been water and he’s absolutely loved learning about the ocean, researching about his favourite sea creature (the anglerfish apparently)and completing counting activities based on the number of legs, fins and claws the creatures have. 296 more words

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Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union

Today I am writing about Joseph Stalin and his role with the Soviet Union. I am writing this essay for my 8th grade history class. Stalin was a bad leader but his bad leadership also had good side effects for the Soviet Union. 668 more words


The 43rd and 44th Presidents and Social Media

Hey guys, today I am writing about the 43rd and 44th presidents and their ties to social media. Now, keep in mind I don’t know everything about social media so if you have any more information on that subject, please leave it in the comment section. 884 more words