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Home Learning - 24.3.15


This week we are going to do something a bit different.

  • Science

You are all going to get a sunflower seed to take home.  Your job is to care for this seed and encourage growth.  126 more words

Home Learning

Are you a good role model?

A few weeks ago you were all asked to write a letter to your Nursery buddy as your home learning task.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting on a third of the class to do this.   55 more words

Home Learning

Home Learning -17.3.15

Home Learning – 17.3.15

Numeracy and Maths

In class we have been working on missing number sums within addition or subtraction.  We are great when the missing number is at the end of the sum but less confident when it is missing in the middle or the start.   81 more words

Home Learning

P3a Egyptian Presentations WOW!

Some of the children shared their home learning projects they have been creating. We were amazed by the different skills the children and their parents have. 15 more words

Students Creating their Homework

In our second Smack Down the brief was ‘share an App or Program or Website that assists you with your home learning’. One of the websites that was shared was a French website called… 187 more words


Home Learning - ITKOTC Chapter 4

Answer the following questions in PEE paragraphs (if you don’t have access to the text and can’t use quotations, make reference to specific events from the chapter). 21 more words

Home Learning

Throwback Thursday 

looking through timehop this morning and I came across this

I’ve been noticing a lot of school related rants coming up on the app just recently and it’s a very good reminder of why I pulled him out of school. 867 more words