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18/365 - Baking! 

Today, we made banana cupcakes. Aeryn insisted that Lila the chimpanzee needed to help, so she sat on the counter top and diligently observed the proceedings. 15 more words


Making your own SNOW - Fine motor - Messy play - Science - Cornflour and Water

After our little flurry of Snow the other day, I thought I would do a fine-motor and messy play activity with my girls, so I thought the perfect activity would be playing with Cornflour and Water to make our own SNOW! 449 more words


Under the Weather

Ahh the cold winter mornings, I will proudly admit this is when I feel the evil green eyed monster from public school families the most. There is no way in the world that I miss leaving the comfort of our warm home to drop off the kiddos at school. 195 more words


Coming up in Maths

Next week in maths we’ll be carrying on with fractions.

We’ll be learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions. If you’d like to get a head start here’s a useful video.


Everyone has their reasons for homeschooling. Like I had previously posted I never thought I could “teach” academics to my kids. When it was time for my first child Jonesie to go to kinder I had Jack who was 2 and Jonah was 1. 476 more words


Home Learning

There was so much magnificent home learning that came back to school after the holidays that we could hardly squeeze it onto our display spaces. We really appreciate the time and effort that went into these pieces.