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Bump news

We’re in the countdown of 3ish months till the baby arrives. People have been asking me if I am “freaking out” yet. I’m not sure what exactly I am supposed to freak out about, there are too many things I could stress over. 568 more words



I’ve always worked in places where people may tell you that they think you are great, but it is never formally recognized. Today that changed. Our team was awarded “Outstanding Team” and apparently there were a landslide of nomination letters. 320 more words


2016 - Here we go

It has been a very busy few months so here are a few updates to start off the year.

The pregnancy is going well. We’ve been to a few ultrasounds and seen the little thing bouncing around. 251 more words


Making Christmas cards

I started to make Christmas cards yesterday, thinking that was going to be a quick thing. Wrong.

I wanted to use either or both watercolour pencils and watercolour pens. 129 more words

Home Life

As it Turns out, your Life can Become a Nightmare.

I haven’t written anything aside from social media posts and strictly work-related pieces for the past month and a half. We all see and hear about horrible, sudden tragedies all the time, so you think we wouldn’t be as surprised and in disbelief when they happen to us or the people we love. 2,761 more words

Home Life

Change incoming and travel recap

I am so behind on the internet. I haven’t read blogs in over 2 months and I have been a bit of a space cadet. There are many reason for this! 705 more words

Home Life

Winner, Winner, Chicken DinnerĀ 

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winner, Winner, chicken dinner! That was what we would call out when we guessed correctly which form the potatoes took every Sunday as a child. 431 more words