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Still here

Every day for the last 2 weeks people have been calling, emailing or popping their heads into my office. “Still here?” they ask. Yes, yes I am still here and yes I am still full of baby. 569 more words


A Day In The Life (updated)

A few years ago, when I first started blogging, I was inspired to write a “Day in the Life” blog, giving an insight into what my day entailed. 2,861 more words

Kitty Litter Review

Ok so for years I have been buying Maxx Scoop Kitty Litter for Small Spaces by Purina. The cat seems to like it, it really does control smell and well, it is pretty great, ya know, for litter lol… 629 more words

Home Life

The sacrament of the mundane

The Sacrament of the Mundane

Tap, tap, morning dear child

rap, tap, come along child

step, step, help you child

up, up, down, down, dressing you child… 21 more words


what I was reading

ME: Oooooh. Mmmm. Yeah, that’s good.


ME: Wow. yeeeeesss

HUSBAND: What the hell are you reading?!

ME: Food Network magazine.


ME: =D… 15 more words


Bump news

We’re in the countdown of 3ish months till the baby arrives. People have been asking me if I am “freaking out” yet. I’m not sure what exactly I am supposed to freak out about, there are too many things I could stress over. 568 more words



I’ve always worked in places where people may tell you that they think you are great, but it is never formally recognized. Today that changed. Our team was awarded “Outstanding Team” and apparently there were a landslide of nomination letters. 320 more words