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This has been such an achingly long isolation, with it’s constant undertones of fear, desolation and death that it’s great to see everything opening up again, in a way. 437 more words


A Boy Called Thor

I just ‘doctored’ a photo of Thor in a hurry to tweet to the lovely Macey (and Britt). I liked it so much (haha) that I thought I should blog it, just in case you are not on Twitter and I do not come up on your Twitter feed. 9 more words


My Top 5 Favorite Dance Romance Movies!

I write a lot about my life as a new mom of two and as an up-and-coming writer. Today, I want to share my romantic side. 502 more words

Author And Mom Life

Three Obscure Memories, Memory 3. Nepal.

I had almost forgotten the third piece of music that I found on my iPhone a few days ago. So today we ultimately come to my third melodic, early family memory! 83 more words


Canada Day 2020

Happy Canada Day! Hope it was fun, not too wet, involved at least one person you are fond of, and that you were safe while celebrating! 393 more words

Home Life

A Trip to the Opticians

Guess who had a trip into one of the local towns for an eye test today? As you can see, Tara is now the proud owner of a pair of glasses! 81 more words