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Happy Tuesday!

Welcome back to my blog! I’m really trying to push myself to get better about posting a few times a week. I’m hopeful that it will help me hold myself accountable and push me in the direction that I need to go. 264 more words

Various Unrelated Reports

Over the weekend I was shutting the windows in order to put the air conditioning back on, and as I was doing so in Faith’s room a little cactus that she has sitting on her windowsill got bumped and started falling and automatically, purely out of muscle memory, I tried to grab it to stop it from falling.  806 more words

Something About Me

TV Shows & Movies We Watched — July 2020

Hii everyone.

Haven’t updated you guys on anything these past couple of weeks because we had some downtime and then the weather got nicer and we started cruising and eventually went on road trips. 1,212 more words


Kitchen Shortcuts I Swear By

Save time prepping food and make cooking easier with these kitchen hacks that are pure genius.


Order dry staples online – Keep your pantry stocked and you can bypass entire aisles at the grocery store. 503 more words

Home Life

Our Family Van Story

At the beginning of the summer, we bought a new-to-us family van!

I really love it and it’s so easy to drive! We had the specifics that we wanted in a van in mind for over 6 months. 441 more words


Canine Enrichment

Many people and families have a four legged companions from the canine family living with them in their home these day! There are times, especially if your pup is younger, when their energy can be overwhelming and so much to handle! 1,261 more words


Doggie May Care

“Walkin’ the dog. I’m just a-walkin’ the dog.” – Rufus Thomas

My children are enterprising. They are constantly seeking new ways to be productive. Whether it’s a way to make money or a way to give back to the community, they are able to come up with ways to improve the world or save up for something they would like to buy. 637 more words