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A Thousand Miles Away

When my girls were little, I would occasionally catch one of them gazing, staring off into the distance, lost in a daydream. I’d nudge her out of her little daze with a “you look like you’re a thousand miles away,” as she’d come back to reality, smiling sheepishly. 570 more words


Mental Decluttering Tips

When it comes to decluttering, we usually focus on our physical space. It’s equally important, though, to worry about keeping a clear mind as well. Here are a few tips to help you avoid feeling like your mind is getting cluttered with junk. 312 more words

Lifestyle & Mindset

It's actually kind of funny, when you think about it

So, super embarrassing confession here –

I spent quite a bit of time getting myself all mentally prepped and ready to have all 3 girls home yesterday for MLK day, and a decent amount of money equipping myself with snacks and crafts and a ton of herbal tea meant to take the place of beer. 211 more words


Peninsula Retreat

Shortly after New Year’s 2018, Monica and I had the opportunity to dog-sit for our daughter and her partner at their house across the SJ river on the Kingston Peninsula. 183 more words

Home Life

January 16, 2018

Not much going on today, or the past few days.  A couple of meetings for my online volunteer group, but those are over now.  I’m serving a little bit today, and tomorrow all day as I can. 241 more words