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'Marriage Life' Illustrator Finally Reveals Real Face

Nothing is funnier than real love. That’s why Tel Aviv-based illustrator Yehuda Adi Devir creates hilarious comics about everyday life with his wife Maya.

One thing you won’t see in Devir’s comics is politics. 184 more words


Tadpoles at the bottom of the garden

Actually a better title might be the ‘Mosquito Larvae’ incident. It was Monday afternoon. I was upstairs for one reason or another. Tara comes in shouting ‘tadpoles Dadda, tadpoles’. 340 more words


How to Achieve Work-Life Balance When You Work at Home

Today’s guest contributer is Lacie Martin. So a big thank you to her for sharing her wisdom through this well researched article. See more of her great ideas and parenting tips at: 512 more words


Caught off guard, trolls, and tears...

Ash has been at her fathers for two very long weeks and 3 days. She visits her father once maybe twice a year, he lives in Texas and we live in North Carolina. 1,877 more words

Eighteen Moons (A Loving Family doesn’t come easily)!

I just looked out of the midnight window! My bedtime is inevitable. What I saw was wondrous! A full moon, beaming, no, pulsating with all of its radiance, beauty and might! 3,494 more words


Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner

Do you like Chinese Food? Daddy and Dadda absolutely adore it! The thing is, the local town has a pretty ropey take away, that is probably best avoided! 75 more words


Are you optimistic?

I think I am mostly an optimistic person. There have been times during the lockdown that stress has been allowed to take over my optimism. I think many of our emotions are choices. 134 more words

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