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T has his first real babysitting gig this summer. He’s watching our friend’s six year old and seven year old three mornings a week so that their mom can work. 837 more words

Slice Of Life

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Blueberry Cake

Since it seems to be the season of fresh berries and exploring new things, this is a DELICIOUS blueberry cake! My favorite activity to do is to go pick berries and makes this cake. 137 more words

Home Life

Shark Attack Cocktails

With the weather heating up, I needed a refreshing drink that not only quenched my “mommy thirst” but also was entertaining for me to make. … 61 more words

Mom Life

It’s a Dogs Life

Caleb and Gracie

Dadda and Remus

Amritsar and Remus

Tara and Remus

Aaliyah and Gracie and Remus

Thor and Remus


How Corona Invaded Our Marriage

After being painstakingly careful over the last few months regarding where we went, what we brought into our home, and wearing masks and gloves, Dan somehow contracted the coronavirus. 1,484 more words

New Wife

Reorganizing the kitchen

I just ordered these Tupperware canisters off of Ebay. Glorious PINK!

I am trying to figure out how to best organize and utilize my kitchen. I follow certain tradwife ladies on Youtube and some of them love vintage decor. 314 more words

Orthodox Christianity

Renovation Revamp

Renovate your life to restore your rest, and bring health to your habits. Here’s five clues to bringing wholesome habits back into style like last year’s wardrobe. 288 more words