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My current Book collection as at June 2019

So I’ve finally been home long enough to start to clean up my kitchen, oh Jesus it’s a mess but that is another post for another day! 982 more words

Simple Living

Ninja Squirrel

The other day I encountered a Ninja Squirrel. Now, maybe what I saw is normal in the world of squirrels but it sure didn’t seem like it to me!…though, when I think about it, I suppose the only thing I know about squirrels is they are cute, so not exactly a font of squirrel knowledge over here lol… 401 more words

Home Life

Child-Friendly Roast Beef!

Our sweet friends and family delivered meals to us for 2 weeks after our miscarriage. I can not even tell you how helpful this is! 294 more words

Budget your capital

You have capital in the bank in every area of your life. This particular bank holds your “words to affect change”. Those words can be compliments, complaints or constructive criticism. 362 more words


Farmer fathers

“Dad, you’re someone to look up to, no matter how tall I’ve grown.” — author unknown

A shout out to all you farmer fathers (and all you who aren’t farmers) this Father’s Day! 15 more words

Running errands - An empty bread-box

We have no bread left

Dap up to the bakery

Bring back a sliced loaf

Life Events

My Home of Seven, plus three…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if problems could be deleted as simply as words
on a page in a story you are writing? Or better yet—actions? Dog crapping on… 792 more words