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3 Prerequisites for Home Mortgage Approval

Getting a home loan won’t be difficult if you do your homework on time. Serious home buyers have a proper plan to head start the process. 421 more words

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Is Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Really Beneficial?

Congratulations! You’ve finally built up the courage to declare you’re home-buyer material, and are ready to jump in to the nicest open-houses and real estate listings! 304 more words

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Small towns drive 19% growth in home loans

Despite Improvement In Macro Indicators And Growth, Industry Leaders Cautious, Wait For Stronger Revival Signals.

The demand for new homes in smaller towns and cities and lower interest rates seem to be driving up housing loan growth, which has gone up by around 19% till September. 232 more words

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New mortgage rules: A 'Y2K' panic that didn’t happen

New mortgage rules: Like ‘Y2K’ panic

New rules designed to give borrowers a better understanding of their home loans are apparently not causing the widespread disruptions in the housing market that some had predicted. 

10 ways to become mortgage free, sooner.

For many, purchasing a home will probably be the largest financial decision they make in their lifetime and a debt most will want to pay off as quickly as possible. 1,012 more words

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Now is The Time to Buy

Now is The Time to Buy

Real estate expert talks things to know before taking out a mortgage

How to Shave Years Off a 30-Year Mortgage

How to Shave Years Off a 30-Year Mortgage

Most strategies to pay off your mortgage faster involve making radical principal prepayments or moving to a shorter-term debt structure. 20 more words