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Lemon Traybake - Variations.

I make Lemon traybake a lot. To say that it is a huge hit is an understatement. My family loves it as does anyone I know, who has baked it. 296 more words


Easter Traybake

Ok, I’m rehashing a recipe I’ve blogged about before but with an Easter spin. Decorate the Vanilla traybake with sprinkles and egg sweets (I used mini eggs and golden eggs) for a super easy dessert on Easter Sunday that goes a long way. 27 more words


Sometimes you just don't need to know stuff about your friend's mum. 🙈😂

Day 19:


I’m sorry for being late to post this one. Let’s blame it on the unplanned late night last night. More on that in a sec though. 829 more words


Coffee Choclate and Their ❤️

The glaze of Choco Coffee Cream is enough to tempt you for one more bite….

It was one of the lazy Sunday mornings and Sunday means there has to be something special on the menu.It’s one of the pious months in India now and we don’t eat eggs or any non-veg food items during this period.I prefer to bake cakes mostly with eggs but as me and my husband, both wanted to grab a bite of cake so I thought of making this eggless cake. 508 more words

Cakes And Desserts

Lilac and Rose flavored Fruit Cake!

My garden lies between the trees,
Where lilies dance in gentle breeze,
And lilacs whisper pretty please,
To a butterfly’s caressing tease.

Nearby glows the buttercups, 661 more words

Krispy Kadhai