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Looks Like I Did It Again

I’m beginning to think that computers and I are simply not compatible.  I’m not sure how I got to this place, but when I turned my laptop on today — several hours ago, actually, I got a black, blank screen.  400 more words

How to make ice-cream at home without an ice-cream maker (3 ingredients, 5 minutes to make!)

This recipe does not require an ice-cream maker. Anyone with a freezer can make this recipe!


  • heavy whipping cream
  • condensed milk
  • vanilla essence
    * you can also add cocoa and/or chocolate chips or flavored syrup for some added deliciousness!
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How to make ice-cream at home (easy, fail-proof recipe)

This recipe requires an ice-cream maker. For a recipe that DOES NOT REQUIRE AN ICE-CREAM MAKER click here.

This recipe makes a delicious, creamy ice-cream that can be adjusted to make different flavours. 203 more words


How to make coconut ice-cream at home (vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free)

This easy recipe takes only a few minutes to prepare and results in a delicious dessert for all no matter what your food preferences are! 107 more words


Brain Freeze

How many of you know what this is?   I’m betting my cousins can identify it even though it is a poor imitation of the old bucket and crank ice cream freezer Papa used almost every Sunday during the summer while we were growing up.  352 more words

whose house is this ...

In recent years there is seldom more than a couple of weeks that have passed by  without our nephew, Andy spending a day with us. 84 more words

Echoes of Icecream

I’m on a roll with trying out all sorts of new home-made recipes. It’s fun when you can do it at leisure.

This week I made icecream. 651 more words

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