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The pizza oven series part IV- the foundation is built

Firstly I would just like to say a massive thank you to all my readers of my blog in its first week. Thanks to you I’ve had over 209 visitors from England, Ireland, Belgium, America and Australia! 570 more words


Home made pizza

Using Tim Lahey’s no-knead method for the bread dough. However instead of a pizza stone and peel, I used a baking sheet to transfer the dough onto my oven’s baking tray. 66 more words

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Homemade Ricotta — How to Provide

Ricotta is the easiest cheese to make — hands-down. You can use all lemon juice or all vinegar. If you use all lemon juice, it will have a lovely fruity flavor and will yield very soft curds.

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Everyone surely has their own way of cooking the famous ‘spaghetti’. I cooked 2-kilos of spaghetti for the day care kids during our Pasko Sa Isla outreach yesterday, and just thought of sharing the recipe — my (our family’s) style. 267 more words


How to find healthier condiments


With the niche market of wholefood stores popping up everywhere such as, Flannery’s, Wray Organic and Fundies and others alike, it makes it much more accessible to find all-natural and organic brands. 467 more words


Easy overnight oats

To be frank, I don’t like oats. An year ago I tried after someone suggested it as a healthier breakfast option and I disliked it a lot. 157 more words

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Behind the Scenes: Bubble, Episode 1

Hello! Welcome to the first little look at my personal creative day. To start with, I’m going to use these days to try out new ideas for the studio and store. 289 more words