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Sew Over It

If you have seen me at all in May you will know that all my chat has been about my Tuesday nights spent at Sew Over It. 595 more words

Home Made

Savoury Italian Meatballs and Tomato Sauce over Perogies

When inspired to cook Italian and you can’t get ‘O Solo Mio’ to stop playing in your head, why not bless your family with this awesome savoury dish? 355 more words

Celebrate Family

This Philly Startup is About To Become the Uber of Food

As you can tell from my social media accounts, the driving force behind my passion for Philly is fueled by those who aspire to create different and eclectic foods and services to the local food scene. 1,251 more words


Family & jellyfish (1)

Mes parents n’habitant pas la porte à côté, la fête des mères et des pères est pour moi une occasion idéale de leur faire passer un petit message attentionné, tout en pratiquant mes activités manuelles préférées: la peinture et la personnalisation d’enveloppe – le “scrapenvelopping”??  519 more words


7 layer burrito - home made

Home Made 7 Layer Burrito Ingredients: Pinto beans 1 cup, water 2 cups, four cheese shredded, lettuce cut into shreds, salsa, avacado 2, organic rice, burrito wrap (made with whole grain wheat  int…

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Home made healthy protein shake

1)  Add your base liquid- 1 cup milk(Into the blender)

2) Add your whey protein mix(Blend with the milk at a medium speed for 15 seconds. 28 more words

Pregnancy Crafting

It has got to that time where I can’t either be bothered to make anything massive, I’m too cumbersome/clumsy, or I wont be pregnant for much longer so while I’m in the last few weeks I’ve been doing a few other crafty bits that I thought I’d update you with. 150 more words