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Corn and Bacon Carbonara

One of the best things in the whole world besides everybody’s love for bacon, is pasta! And what better way to eat pasta than to eat it freshly made? 411 more words


Home Roast Sunday 30 April

Nice long walk by the river then here for Sunday lunch – how is that for a Bank Holiday Sunday :)

This Sunday the choices are: 60 more words

Tasty Home Cooked Food

Preserved Lemons

I love making chicken tagine, and the recipe calls for preserved lemons (this is the recipe that I use, it’s relatively easy and you don’t need a tagine dish to make it.) 151 more words

Food Porn

Asparagus & Buttered Leek Chicken Roulade Recipe

While interning at Victoria Gourmet I had the opportunity to create my own recipe. After conversing about it with my supervisors I knew a few things were certain- I wanted chicken, red sauce and something Italian. 450 more words


1.If you add a beaten egg slowly to your batter mix it prevents the batter from becoming too stiff.

2.Always use eggs at room temperature when baking with them. 194 more words


Grandma's Bacon and Egg pie

My grandma died from motorneuron disease when my mum was 18 years old so unfortunately I never got to meet her. But from what I know she was a fiercely passionate woman who wasn’t afraid of anything. 195 more words


Easy Chocolate Blob Biscuits

So, today I was looking after my sisters pooch and we had big plans to go on a lovely long afternoon walk, but it decided to rain and snow AT THE SAME TIME this afternoon. 216 more words