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Expert Interview Series: Elizabeth Dodson of HomeZada on Smart Home Maintenance

What are some of the challenges homeowners face when it comes to managing their homes? What are the most overlooked spaces in houses when it comes to home maintenance and cleaning? 906 more words

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Ewww! Clutter !

Clutter can be a devastating thing for some people. The stress and anxiety people develop over clutter in their homes, work and lives, can cause adverse health issues. 627 more words

Party Planning 🎉🎉🎉

I love to make my own platters for parties, whether it’s a graduation party or cookout or birthday party. I know the basics of meat and cheese and vegetable platters from working in a deli for 12 years. 652 more words

Handyman – One Solution To All Your Problems

A handyman is a person who is skilled to do various tasks. They can be quite handy for you and take pride in doing a wide range of repair services around the house and also deal in all kinds of light plumbing works like a small leakage in bathroom or fixing light fittings and fixtures. 224 more words

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Centurion Project Management

Great new service offered in West Palm Beach and other parts of South Florida, it’s called Centurion Project Management and it’s run by Firefighters and Police Officers. 266 more words

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The Heart of Hospitality: Part I

What if one of your neighbors randomly put a bright, lime green picnic table in their front yard that stuck out like a sore thumb?  Would you notice? 863 more words


An Organised Home

A professional approach to everyday life (how to apply office work culture at home and make life easy)

Some of us are the best organized professionals in our offices at work but what stops us being the same in our personal lives. 1,400 more words