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Take back the outdoors!

A few days ago, a stay at home mom in Canada, was visited by a child welfare agency.  The crime?

She let her kids play in the fenced in backyard.   559 more words


Bedroom buddies

A couple of lost winks here and there are no big thing… but if all my kids are frequently causing me to lose sleep, well I just wouldn’t be able to function.   453 more words


The socks in a large family 

SOCKS. SOCKS…socks and more socks!!
8 people X 2 feet = 16 SOCKS per day!!! This doesn’t include the extras throughout the day due to-maybe a certain child of mine that has taken a liking to jumping in puddles! 432 more words

Gardening Do's & Don'ts

Growing flowers can be so much fun as you watch the seeds begin peeking out of the soil and begin growing. I have learned a few things as I have gardened with my boys and hopefully can pass on some experiences so that you can have a successful garden. 836 more words

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De-Cluttering your Bedroom


The process of decluttering your home isn’t always easy, and it can be downright stressful when you have to say goodbye to some of your possessions, but it’s a great idea. 628 more words

Mom Inc.: Money, Budgets, and Cookies

For me, anytime I talk about money I could eat a warehouse full of cookies or something incredibly bad for me.  Typically, I do my best organization under the influence of sugar and good music on Pandora.   412 more words


Decluttering your Kitchen

When the majority of your time in the kitchen is spent hunting for the right pan lid, figuring out if you’ve got the self-raising flour or plain flour canister in your hand or reaching to the back of the cupboard blindly feeling round for the paper towel, you know it’s high time you got organized! 622 more words