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Money Skills

As a new bride, I quickly  had to learn to manage money. I was no stranger to having a little cash here and there, as I’d worked a job since I was 15. 439 more words


Cook once, eat twice

Yes, I am trying hard to reduce the amount of time and effort I spend in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals even though I have to cook from scratch almost all the time. 408 more words

Home Management

Update: Home Management Binder

I updated my binder a few weeks ago now that we are living in a home and I’ve acquired triple the house and double the expenses.  223 more words


Easter treats 🐣🍰

Kettle’s on the boil and treats are in the tin 🎂

Food Studies

learning to live a little leaner...

My final day at work yesterday for a whole week – yay! – I am winding down today but as soon as I can pack a few things and jump in the car on Saturday we are headed for Scotland.  1,307 more words


Adventures in Gardening

I thought I’d bring you along on my newest adventure:


It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but this, that, and the other always took a higher priority or had more urgency. 1,114 more words

Taming the Paper-What's the Purpose

As I have said before, we live in an electronic age, but my oh my how we still accumulate the paper.  We have spent the past two weeks helping a client gain control of the kitchen and home office.   151 more words