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When you don't feel bad for being a slacker

Yeah I haven’t been present on this blog because I’ve been dealing with being super pregnant, moving, marriage stuff, hurricanes, and just adjusting to the realization of my dreams and what that actually looks like. 21 more words

Home Management

expanding time, expanding work...

Even though I have four days off work now I seem to struggle to get everything done in the house that I would normally have done in the 3 days I had before. 619 more words


How to Begin Training Good Workers (spoiler: Don't say "Go clean your room")

An adorable little freeloader enters your world. First, he creates mounds of laundry and dirty diapers. Not long after, dirty dishes begin to multiply. Then suddenly, the entire kitchen floor becomes sticky and grimy in 1.9 seconds of your back being turned. 1,329 more words


Need for Commercial Property Management Companies in Bangalore

Bangalore as a city is famous for its never ending work life and professional enthusiasm. The businessmen, working class professionals or entrepreneurs don’t really have time for minor stuff of life. 279 more words

Best Property Management Companies In Bangalore

Household Management Series: Simple & Joyful Cleaning

It’s 8:30 am on Saturday morning, and it looks like a bomb went off in my house.  Shameless photos forthcoming…

No shame image #1

No shame image #2… 1,415 more words

Home Management

A realistic to-do list

Ever feel like you worked all day but didn’t actually accomplish anything? Ever looked at your to-do list, known you’ve been working and productive all morning, but have nothing to check off? 356 more words


Steps You Can Take to Get Your Home Back in Order

We’ve all been there: You suddenly look around and see that your home is in complete disarray and it slipped right under your nose (unless that hasn’t happened to you, in which case I’m a little jealous). 666 more words