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Fourth babies are much easier than first babies

A full box of dominos has been dumped out next to him.

The girls have been building and tearing down magformer towers next to him. 113 more words


It will be funny one day...

We all have those days… and today was ours.

I had been sick for a few weeks with a  bad cold.  Each day I would hope it would improve, because, it had to improve, right?   174 more words


Kitchen Solution: the Electric Kettle

There a few key items that make my day-to-day life much easier and more enjoyable, and near the top of that list is my electric kettle. 256 more words


Empty Nest Leftovers

I never liked leftovers as a child or young adult. My mindset was that tasting more than once couldn’t be topped. I always thought why would I want the same dish the next day? 433 more words

Want a new custom fitted kitchen?

Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride.

If you’ve been living in your home for over 20 years, it’s inevitable that it will start showing signs of wear and tear. 411 more words


What it's really like with 4 kids, 5 and under

No makeup, negligible sleep, need a shower, a shirt that fits properly and at least 2 kids hanging off you at all times.  We are all, I think, happy that I’m not breastfeeding in the picture… well maybe not Owen.   154 more words


New Year. New You.

Here we are. Welcome to 2017!

Let me say here straight up, it’s ok to be fine with where and who you are. Actually that is the goal isn’t it.   1,299 more words