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Why I Think Chores Are Important (Plus some ideas and freebies to help you implement chores in your home)

*This post contains my own opinions. I am, in no way, claiming to be an expert nor am I trying to start a debate. Please take that into account before using my information or leaving comments. 756 more words

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As I travel on the journey to a Skinny House I’ve listened to the stories of lots of fellow travelers along the way. I’m finding a theme emerging. 761 more words

How to Gain Control of Your Child by Sharing it

I am what is known as a “Love & Logic Kid.” Meaning, I was raised according to the parenting methods of Foster Cline and Jim and Charles Faye.  1,505 more words

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Top 5 Time Management Basics for Novices

When I first met Michael, there were times that we clashed simply because I’m a Analytical person on a timetable, and he’s a lustful Artist who is used to working when inspiration hits him.  957 more words

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Tuesday Truth- Be Your Favorite Kind of Woman

Let me just start by saying if you haven’t yet stumbled on the wonderful world of podcasts I suggest you do so immediately.  I tend to gravitate toward the self-help/ living your fullest life/ enabling my potential type of podcasts.  488 more words

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A No Stress Easter Week Countdown

There’s enough Easter tradition blog posts to send my holiday obsessed self into a tailspin, but these days after baby #2 I am aiming to simplify life a bit.  959 more words

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Spring cleaning, bring it on!?

Welcome to spring!  The time of year here in the mid-west when you are praying you feel well enough to go outside and enjoy sunny skies and warmish days.  634 more words

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