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Get Your Monthly Bills Organized This Month

I don’t know about you, but I like to take a moment each Sunday and get organized for the week ahead. This week starts a new month and is the perfect time to get organized with your monthly bills. 117 more words


simplifying the house - declutter day 1...

Spurred on by finding and reading the Kondo book that has seemingly gripped the nation I woke this morning on a mission.  However, going against all the ‘Kondopinions’ in her book I am starting not with my clothes but my toiletries. 854 more words


Taming the Paper: Rule #1 NEVER EVER HAVE A "TO FILE" BOX

Do you find yourself drowning in paper?  Even in this age of technology, we still accumulate LOTS of paper.  If not managed, it can overtake us.   392 more words

Time Management

Home Management...

Since getting my new MacBook Pro, I’ve been able to start getting organized again. I started with daily, weekly, and monthly checklists and now I’m moving onto the hubby’s to do list and then onto our homeschooling schedule/extra activities. 50 more words

Frugal Kitchen Tip #1

A friend of mine asked me for some frugal tips on how to manage their food budget for their growing family. It made me start paying attention to all the little things that I do that seem to add up to helpfulness in that area. 444 more words

Lent & Organization

Lent begins today.  The point of Lent is to make space for our thoughts to think on the things of Christ.

For most, our thoughts turn to giving something up: chocolate, sodas, sweets, cigarettes, Starbucks.   569 more words

Time Management

Stress-Free Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m exhausted!  My son woke up in the middle of the night screaming his head off due to YET ANOTHER ear infection. 602 more words

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