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Cooking Camp

The monthly unit studies of the geographical regions of the United States introduce and reinforce  reading, food science, language Arts, technology, Native American Influences on cuisine and life, social studies, math skills,  geography, and vocabulary will be integrated into meaningful, planned learning experiences. 8,381 more words

Home Management

5 Simple Ways Regular Home Maintenance Improves Your Security

Home Security has never been a “one and done” thing, and it never should be. Homeowners want to make sure that their home security is constantly evolving and being maintained so that it can always keep them and their family safe. 592 more words


Handyman Services For All Your House Repairs And Maintenance

There are numerous tasks in a house which require the expertise of different professionals. House maintenance and repair works are in plenty and require the services of different repair and maintenance experts from time to time to make the house a suitable place to live. 373 more words

Home Management

A second week in hours

I’m currently tracking my time to see how I’m spending my 168 hours each week and what I can do to use them a bit better. 657 more words


Mount Everest in my Home.

Collection of items to be looked into ‘later’….

“Oh my God!” whatever I do, there is this pile of papers that need to be seen in my ‘minimalistic’ room, spoiling the whole impact. 574 more words

Home Management

POOL MAINTENANCE TIPS 101: How to Keep Your Pools Clean

Regardless of whatever time it is of the year, swimming pools are a great way for people to relax and enjoy the day out. It is great backyard addition that has a dual purpose: functional and ornamental (depending on its design) and it is one of the best places at home to entertain guests. 577 more words

Urban Dwellers

A Fun Week to Come

While I have been slacking on regular updates, I’ve been carefully crafting my next chapter. Based on my experiences of the past year, I would have to guess that there is nothing like facing death to help you appreciate life. 344 more words

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