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5 Home Office Design Ideas on A Budget

Having a personal space in your home that allows you to pursue your business, passion, and work is a great achievement. Not all are given the privilege to work at home. 615 more words

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The Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Are you a business with a turnover in excess of £36m, or a supplier of goods or services to such a business? If so then you have an obligation to complete a Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. 259 more words


My fave 5 - May 2016

This month I am revamping my office space so beautiful desks and work spaces have been popular in my pinterest feed. You can find the below pins and plenty more HERE.

Change the Way You Work at Your Desk and End Back Pain

A little awareness of how you work at your desk and some minor adjustments can end that nagging back pain.

  1. Try to keep your head and neck aligned above your shoulders.
  2. 255 more words
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Immigration detainees banned from Facebook and Twitter

Social media grouped with porn and gambling 

The Home Office has come under fire from campaigners for banning social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter in its immigration detention centres. 456 more words


Stripping Off What I Hung Not Long Ago

About four years ago, I hung wallpaper for a young couple in a home they were renting in Montrose (Houston). Now they have bought their own home, and they have to leave the townhouse in the condition it was when they first moved in – so the wallpaper has to come off. 96 more words

'Legal highs' won't be legal for much longer - here's what you need to know

From Thursday, May 26, a new law will come into effect: the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

Essentially this is a blanket ban on all the ‘legal highs’ you’ve been hearing about, from balloons to Spice. 829 more words