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Staying Fit And Productive When You Work From Home

Working from home has an astonishing potential for increasing productivity, with telecommuters more likely to go above and beyond expectations, while taking shorter breaks and fewer sick days. 526 more words

Small Business

Arbitraging -your very own money tree is here.

Hey all, today we will talk about the arbitraging platform and how it provides a very healthy profit of around 24% on average per month. 446 more words


What it's like to be an exile from your home country

I feel like a reject from my own country. I can’t settle here, I am expecting to never be able to settle here and live surrounded by family, and I feel as if a criminal in exile. 768 more words

Saving time

Reading Helens blog post about their commute and traffic made me realise yet again just how priveledged I am to work from home.

On a normal school day MK takes LO to school on her way to Varsity.This means I can make our breakfast by 07h00,and we can be up in the office by 07h20ish. 205 more words

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Command Centre

A lot of my work is done at home – I write a lot for the local newspaper, my food blog and some of the clients I have. 619 more words

60″ Hand Crank Adjustable Standing Desk Review

Now this is an interesting desk. Why’s that? Well, first of all, just look at it.

It’s clean, it’s sleek, it’s got nice lines, and there’s wheels! 450 more words

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