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Remembering today 18 years ago

Most of our members remember September 11th 2001. We know where we were, who we were with. Remember the skies, bare of planes. Just as with other significant events throughout history, we remember a snapshot of our lives when something drastic happened. 99 more words


Summer adventures

We continue the summer finding more of the reptilian/insect/bird/mammal kind. It goes to show if you spend more time outdoors and in the woods you will see so many interesting things. 143 more words

Home On The Range

Taking in the sights

There are times when business gets in the way and there are times you need to put everything aside and take in the beauty around you. 60 more words

Home On The Range

Trees keep falling

Just this week we had a Quaking Aspen tree fall over buds range. Took some time in the evening to get it cleaned up. This year has been the year of falling trees. 33 more words

Home On The Range


Oh, give me a poem

With no shaving foam

And a great library book to read

Where often I find

Lost parts of my mind… 12 more words

Annette Rochelle Aben Communicates

Storms in May

Lately we have had a lot of rain and storms roll through central PA. Riggles Gap has not been left out. But with thunderstorms comes the beauty of nature. 84 more words

Home On The Range

Frogs, toads, snakes, oh my!

This past week has been full of activities and slimy, slithery things.

Home On The Range