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Home on the Range Review: Disney Marathon


What movie did I dread watching the most for this marathon? Well seeing that I put that question in the Home on the Range review you can probably guess. 1,550 more words

Disney Marathon

Spend some time outdoors. Observe nature.

Even driving or walking up the driveway you can slow down and observe nature around you. The more you take time to look the more you will see hidden right under your nose. 47 more words

Home On The Range

Home on the Range Review

Howdy pardner!   And welcome to another Disney Animation Studios Moooooo-vie Review (sorry, I’ll never do that again)!   For our 16th review, we return to the 21st century to review a film set in the 19th century Wild West, Home on the Range.    2,475 more words


Project 1.45: Home on the Range

Before We Begin

I picked up both the Disney Afternoon Collection (with the DuckTales, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and TaleSpin games) and the Disney Classic Games Collection (with a boatload of versions of both Aladdin and The Lion King games), and I’m having the time of my life. 737 more words


Where Seldom is Heard

“Mom, did you know tortoises play? And dolphins laugh?”

I look away from my new friend, Elise, and gather an eyeful of images from my son’s Chromebook screen. 1,672 more words

Maple adventure

As you’ve seen, two silver maple trees were tapped this year to try out the maple syrup process. Along with maple syrup comes the opportunity to cook the sap a little longer and create a maple candy. 49 more words

Home On The Range