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Make Space with a Custom Shed

I met with a client who has a small house but it has no garage. And even though he doesn’t need a whole lot of storage, he didn’t have a place to safely store his bicycles. 312 more words


COVID and Hoarding

Sue Zee Poinsett, a long-time Professional Organizer and Hoarding Specialist shares a compassionate perspective on hoarding that we can all relate to during this health crisis. 687 more words


Shoes and more shoes

I went through my shoes a while ago. They are one of my weaknesses when it comes to shopping. Shoes and pants.
But at least I almost never buy new shoes, I mostly buy them second hand which is a nicer impact on the environment and my wallet. 304 more words

Home Organizing

M’elle boutique : projet de relooking

Objectifs  :  Optimiser l’espace et créer une atmosphère chaleureuse et ordonnée tout en maîtrisant les coûts .

-Murs et plafond blancs (le plafond actuel écrase trop l’espace) 74 more words

I Have Minimalist Tendencies and I Didn’t Even Know It

When I first heard about minimalism several years ago, I was not interested. Pictures of minimalist’s homes seemed cold and uninviting. I thought minimalists viewed owning possession as bad and that’s all I knew about them. 1,899 more words

Home And Faith

Enduring the Pandemic Life

I. Did. Nothing.

And you know what? I’m okay with the month of April. I realize it was 720 hours spent watching TV, eating junk food, and sitting on my couch, but it was all I could do just to get through the days. 694 more words

Tour de contrôle de blagnac : 2 conceptions de décoration

Marché public

Mission : proposer 2 propositions d’agencement et de décoration pour les espaces privés des contrôleurs aériens.

Respect du cahier des charges, de l’ergonomie, du budget,  des contraintes et des normes. 10 more words