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Being a Parent is Like Being a Homeowner

I love being a parent more then anything in the world. I hate being a homeowner more then anything in the world. Are you are really confused now? 535 more words


The Great Easter Decor Dilemma

My block is really into decorating. Like really. I’ll all for a nice color-coordinated interior design scheme (last week, for example, I managed to find a chair cover that was an… 654 more words


Yep, I'm Still in PJs...

In the words of the indelible Brittany Spears:

Oops I did it again / I played with your heart / Got lost in the game… 387 more words


Why you need a final walk-through

When I’m representing buyers in a deal, I always like to be sure a “final walk-through” is included prior to closing. This is especially true in a market where desperate and less-than-reputable sellers may try and walk out with the fixtures. 193 more words

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Ice, Damn

Its the weekend!  You know what that means… a new blog post.  I meant to blog yesterday but was having a bit of crisis at my house.   430 more words


Is it Time to Upgrade?

Sometimes a perfectly nice home in fine shape simply won’t sell. Fresh paint, fine curb appeal, a solid neighborhood… and no offers. Sellers are baffled and irritated. 348 more words

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Shower Curtains or, Happiness in a Bag

I have found the secret to true happiness. Forget about friendship or love or building an enjoyable life. Really, it all comes down to shower curtains. 306 more words