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Ice, Damn

Its the weekend!  You know what that means… a new blog post.  I meant to blog yesterday but was having a bit of crisis at my house.   430 more words


Is it Time to Upgrade?

Sometimes a perfectly nice home in fine shape simply won’t sell. Fresh paint, fine curb appeal, a solid neighborhood… and no offers. Sellers are baffled and irritated. 348 more words

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Shower Curtains or, Happiness in a Bag

I have found the secret to true happiness. Forget about friendship or love or building an enjoyable life. Really, it all comes down to shower curtains. 306 more words


5 Questions to Ask Before You Renovate

Over time, almost any home could use an upgrade. Not only is wear and tear an issue, but our needs change as we do. Birth, death, marriage, the kids going off to college… all can have a profound impact on the utility of our home and the pleasure we take in it. 342 more words


Ways to Save on Your Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowners insurance is vital for protecting your investment. It’s also required by lenders holding the mortgage on your home. For some reason many homeowners overlook ways they can save money on their premiums. 344 more words

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Attention investors: New rules for deducting home improvements

Investment property owners and landlords know that tax deductions are a crucial component of making sure they maximize their returns. In January of 2014 the IRS in the U.S. 219 more words

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Grown Up Problems: A Whopping Two Digit Bank Statement

Sometimes I want to smack my college self. To my college self, big problems were whether or not the cute upperclassman from my Spanish class was going to sit with me in the dining hall. 439 more words

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