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Weekend DIY: Turn an Old Shower Curtain into Super Cute Patio Furniture

I have a thing for cushions. Pretty cushions. Comfy cushions. Pottery-Barn-looking-cushions. (For this I blame the man I was dating last summer; he used to save his ex-wife’s Pottery Barn catalogs for me and oh how they made me drool!) 564 more words

Home Ownership

Before and After Again: The Dining Room

It’s that time again: some before and after shots of my baby (by which I mean my house of course… pshhttt. Babies.)

The open floor plan was one of the main things that sold me on my house, but here are a few shots devoted specifically to the dining room. 113 more words

Home Ownership

My Beautifully Kondo-ified Closet

For those of you (to quote my mother) “who live in the Stone Age and don’t know what Kondo-ing is,” I’m referring to the “ 1,256 more words

Home Ownership

The Plague of Stuff: We Buy, Who Pays?

Towards the end of every semester, I ask my anthropology students to conduct an inventory of their closets. It is both a nod to In Small Things Forgotten… 1,205 more words


How (Not) to Paint the Floor in a Slanted House

The staples were just the beginning. For once they were pulled, it was time to paint…

On Choosing Colors:

  1. Why would anyone paint a wood floor…
  2. 431 more words

How to Make More Cheap Wall Art (Can You Ever Have Enough?)

Last week, I shared how to make some awesome framed wall art for less than $6. The one purchase I made for this project (aside from the frames) was a piece of teal sparkly scrapbooking paper and even though it, you know, … 546 more words

Home Ownership

Before and After: The Master Bedroom (Finally some photos!)

I feel a bit guilty about having taken such a long break from blogging, but then I remember, “Oh yeah. I was RENOVATING a house.” 226 more words

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