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His Love of BJs

My fiancé is obsessed with BJs. And no, I’m not talking about the sexual act. I’m talking about the store. The damn bulk warehouse store. 889 more words


Weekend DIY: Turn an Old Shower Curtain into Super Cute Patio Furniture

I have a thing for cushions. Pretty cushions. Comfy cushions. Pottery-Barn-looking-cushions. (For this I blame the man I was dating last summer; he used to save his ex-wife’s Pottery Barn catalogs for me and oh how they made me drool!) 564 more words

Home Ownership

Before and After Again: The Dining Room

It’s that time again: some before and after shots of my baby (by which I mean my house of course… pshhttt. Babies.)

The open floor plan was one of the main things that sold me on my house, but here are a few shots devoted specifically to the dining room. 113 more words

Home Ownership

My Beautifully Kondo-ified Closet

For those of you (to quote my mother) “who live in the Stone Age and don’t know what Kondo-ing is,” I’m referring to the “ 1,256 more words

Home Ownership

The Plague of Stuff: We Buy, Who Pays?

Towards the end of every semester, I ask my anthropology students to conduct an inventory of their closets. It is both a nod to In Small Things Forgotten… 1,205 more words


How (Not) to Paint the Floor in a Slanted House

The staples were just the beginning. For once they were pulled, it was time to paint…

On Choosing Colors:

  1. Why would anyone paint a wood floor…
  2. 431 more words

How to Make More Cheap Wall Art (Can You Ever Have Enough?)

Last week, I shared how to make some awesome framed wall art for less than $6. The one purchase I made for this project (aside from the frames) was a piece of teal sparkly scrapbooking paper and even though it, you know, … 546 more words

Home Ownership