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Moisturizing Whipped Aloe Vera Butter

Dry skin: it’s itchy and can look aged and scaly, be it winter in northern climes or year-round in dry areas. But dry skin is about more than just comfort or looks.  840 more words


Easy Whipped Coconut Body Lotion

Coconut oil is one of the best body care secrets you can put on your skin, through every season! Scientific evidence has shown that coconut oil has healing properties that allow it to heal dry skin conditions in winter, and provides sunscreen protection in summer, among other benefits: 501 more words

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Corn Silks for the Home Apothecary

Corn silks, the silky tufts emerging from the tip of a developing ear of corn, are common this time of year as people buy corn and eat it in piles (I prefer GMO-free varieties!). 575 more words

Home Remedies & Apothecary

Cottonwood Bud Salve: Soothing and Healing

I’m a big believer in people making their own salves and healing oils, not only for controlling what ingredients touch your skin (especially open wounds), but also to save money. 853 more words

Saving Money

10 Reasons to Ditch Morning Coffee for Morning Cocoa

Know what my beverage of choice is in the morning? A hot cup of cocoa. But it’s not the calorie-laden version you might be thinking of…it’s the healthy version that does the same job (for me) as coffee but with more health benefits. 623 more words


7 Ways to Use Eggshells (and tips you need to know)

If you eat eggs, make sure you make the best use of those shells! Most of an eggshell is calcium. In fact, about 95% of shells are calcium carbonate…the same stuff that sea shells, coral, and limestone are made from (the other 5% includes proteins, calcium phosphate, and magnesium carbonate). 1,068 more words


10 Natural Tips for Healthier Hair

Long, flowing, thick locks used to be much more common than we see today. Some practices that promoted long hair, like washing hair once a week, are not things we’re likely to return to anytime soon. 1,622 more words

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