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Home Schooling & Happiness

Today I am going to write about my home schooling experience and also about my happiness I hope you enjoy!

Home Schooling

As you probably all know I am Home Schooled by my mum who used to be a secondary teacher and English consultant. 924 more words

Weather and Climate of Antarctica

Today I am going to write about the Antarctican climate and also the weather down there. I am really excited to write about this topic and I hope you are excited to read about it. 457 more words

Bibliography - Learn and Keep Learning

Often I get asked where did you learn, how did you learn, some do not like the idea that I did not go to institutions to get certificates to say I have learned but from my experience, it is not the paying out for courses and certificates that create the knowledge but the self-learning that is required to retain the knowledge. 1,532 more words


The Sheltered Child

Homeschooling parents are often looked down upon for sheltering their children. Isolating the children God trusted them to raise is considered a bad thing in our society. 370 more words


Shorts on the Ground

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling a bit nostalgic, so like any dad who feels like reliving the past, I went out to my garage. 1,962 more words


School Can Wait

After much deliberation on how to support and engage the little one with her new learning adventures, I’ve devised a very simple plan on how to go about doing it. 317 more words

Little Misses

5-Year-Old Girl Could Win the Scripps National Spelling Bee

Panglossian. Picaresque. Zephyr. Perestroika. Baedeker. Sarsaparilla. Pernicious. A list of words most adults would have trouble defining, let alone spelling.

But Edith Fuller, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, got all of them right. 274 more words