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I already am what I'm going to become: I'm a journalist

 This is my video introduction to Stirling University. I want to attend journalism university in Scotland and this is why.
(You can also find the video on Vimeo… 307 more words


Modern Welding Training begins! 📓

I think it’s time to take welding further than just hands on experience. I am starting to dive into the books on welding. I will be starting on Modern Welding. 56 more words


Last Hit

Nikolai was a trained assassin since he was a young boy. He has killed many. When Nikolai meets Daisy he will want her instantly but he has to be careful as he has enemies who will be after him, and Daisy.

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Thoughts On Books

Number Of Kids Being Home Schooled Hits All Time High In What's Being Called "The Luckey Effect"

Figures released by the Department Of Education today, show a massive surge in the number of children currently being home schooled. Strangely, the numbers seem to triple, the very day after Oculus was bought by Facebook, before steadily rising to this day. 337 more words


New Kid On The Block (TenMins Project)

As someone who’s never stayed in one place for more than a couple of months, I can safely say I know a few things about not knowing anyone and being in one of the most common scary situations an adolescent can be in: A new place with new people where everything smells like weed. 694 more words

S Collins

First Things First

I’m not your typical high school graduate. For starts I was pulled out of public school and home schooled in 5th grade. I spent 4 hours of my day actually doing school work and the rest of my day was spent either sleeping or adventuring with my mom. 439 more words