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"home schooled by a dog": what I learned from the Maestro

This is the first of what I hope will be many posts for a re-imagined, re-focused Sniperhunter2012. As this post deals with the Internet as a tool for communicating ideas, and for practical interactions with others, the timing seems like (excuse the fuzzy term) kismet. 1,166 more words


Monday Memories

Today is the first day of state testing for Oldest. I am sitting in our van outside the University of Phoenix. Parents can’t stay inside, it has to be off site or in their cars. 333 more words


Amazing Aegina

Our plan was to go to Athens( which we did )and then travel around the different islands of Greece but it turned out that you either couldn’t get a ferry from Athens to the islands we wanted to go to or it was more than 8-12 hour journeys by boat and I’m not keen on enclosed, bouncy ferry rides. 395 more words


Dear Henry from Warri, Nigeria

Dear Henry,

We’ve often wondered about you. Do you remember these two girls? You took care of us. You were hired to be our gardener, 217 more words

Islamic Cairo

Most of the artefacts that were once in all the sites that we’ve visited in Egypt are in The Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

So that’s where we spent our day, which ended up being the perfect day for an indoor trip as it was raining. 486 more words


today has been crappy!

14 yr old daughter has been so ARGH today. instead of getting up and doing her school work (home schooled) she just being a pain in the arse!


Journey to the Land of the Pyramids

We left Aswan and our last Nile felucca experience and headed for the train station mid evening to take the Aswan to Cairo sleeper train. 719 more words