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Reaping the Benefits of Military School

Who’s there to drop a load of the kid’s friends to the movies, wait in long lines at the doctor’s office after taking the day from work, fix dinner in work clothes after arriving home from screaming clients all day, or fight for child support because one idiot refuses to pay? 481 more words

Mj Brewer

Of Skeleton Leaves

After putting the bike away, we began our usual tramping through the forest floor. Well into the the untrodden path, she suddenly let out a tiny shriek in glee. 39 more words

Little Misses

Of sand and days

Wanna write big but not enough paper space? Well, write on sand of course. She found a twig and started her masterpiece on the big blank sand canvas. 71 more words

Little Misses

Touch me not

A little amusement along goes a long way.Having some ‘peek a boo’ time with the touch-me-not (mimosa) plant. :)

Little Misses

Back to School - Martina

We started school mid-August but it took us a month to get organized. Last June we picked the classes for Aviva’s Junior year. Besides few AP’s, we squished in a marketing class to help her with Ecuadane. 186 more words

Olympian dad passes down good genes and good values


Rap music blaring, the sound of sneakers skidding across the floor and bouncing basketballs echoing through the gym, Streeter McIlivry and a small group of guys have begun basketball practice more than two months ahead of the season. 822 more words

Of Swings & Shadows

While I breathlessly scaled the terraced slope on the paved steps like mere mortals, she bounced effortlessly on the path less travelled instead. *_*

As we explored the far ends of the park, she pointed out some tree shadows on the jogging track and asked if she could have her drawing pad. 59 more words

Little Misses