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Students who are home-schooled are entitled to participate in PARCC  assessment  (either via paper or online).  The procedures for testing these students for PARCC are different… 552 more words

Home-Schooled Jungle Freak.

Let’s be honest here – unless you were living under a rock for the better portion of 2004, chances are you’ve probably seen or at least heard of the teen comedy film ‘Mean Girls’. 708 more words


My First Photography Lessons

Photography has always struck my fancy.

I don’t know what type of photography I’m into yet, so I’m experimenting with a variety of pictures. Last year in November, I went up to The Worx in London for a day. 298 more words

December 4, 2014 Same old

Hey my little Panda cubs!

So I have studied today, got my grade on my first assignment today in psychology I got an C so I’m very happy with that and even the teacher said it was interesting to read about my stuff, and he also said I’m trying to do this course in a way to fast speed since it’s a really heavy course. 88 more words


December 3, 2014

Hey my little Panda cubs!

So got the result from my latest math test, I got a D, Not as good as my last C but it’s better than E so I’m happy. 333 more words


My poor brain!

Hey my little Panda cubs!

As you guys know my schooled fudged up and first din’t start my psychology course in time they gave me the wrong course. 134 more words