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Abusive parents are using homeschooling to avoid detection

On April 25, 2018, Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) issued a stunning report. Using data from six school districts, OCA found that over a third of children removed from school to be homeschooled lived in families that had been reported at least once for abuse or neglect. 610 more words

Child Welfare

Schools Out - it's time for Edventure!

Making the decision to take the children out of school was one of the biggest and bravest decisions we had to make. Charlie is in year 9, Claudia year 7 and Kitty year 5 and they all attend different schools. 583 more words

Family Travel

Saint-Gaudens NHS

This was another one of those experiences where I knew nothing about it and then got there and realized that I actually knew stuff about this and had never put it together.  896 more words

National Parks

Memorize & Meditate: Isaiah 26:3-4

We’ve been done with our home schooling year for about two weeks now, and our summer “break” has already been busier than our school year! These verses provide a reminder of the Source of our peace and strength during stressful times. 38 more words

A funny way to find out about home education

It’s hard to describe what it means to me when people let me know how inspired they’ve been by my book ‘A Funny Kind of Education… 419 more words

Home School Blessing

Today officially marked the end of Kindergarten school work for my oldest son. This was his first “official” year of school and my first year as a home schooling parent! 801 more words

Home-Schooling: my Journey and experiences

“Ahhhhh! Sorry, did I scare you? Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m the monster; the monster right beneath your nose. Oh, but, why are you scared of me? 2,199 more words