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And remove bathrobes, too. Look at how nice this shower is below. Too bad we have so many distractions like the bathrobe (the first thing our eyes are drawn to), the towel and the soaps. 84 more words

Home Staging

Funky bathrooms

Bad lighting, lots of clutter, visual distractions…it’s all here.

A hoarder in the making…

No one wants to see your dirty towels.

Cool bathtub. They could have removed all that junk and made this look really nice.

Home Staging

What? No, really...

…what are you trying to sell? I don’t see anything I want to buy.

Junk and clothes? I have enough of my own, thanks.

This gives me the impression that it smells of sick people. 49 more words

Home Staging

Only the lonely

These are the only photos in the on-line listings…

A hallway…we get to guess what the rest looks like.

This gem. Obviously its artistic.

And this one, where the entire family gets to stare back at you while you wonder what the rest of the house looks like.

Home Staging

Home Staging

When it comes to selling your house, it’s a lot easier to catch the big repairs than to see the small details. But buyers notice it all, and even one squeaky door can signal issues to them. 555 more words

Home Renovation

More head scratchers...

More actual home sale listing photos that make us wonder what were they thinking?

Since the sign won’t stay in the house, I guess we are supposed to admire that wall plug. 79 more words

Home Staging