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Home staging is about highlighting your home’s strengths, downplay any  weakness and express the appeal of your home to the greatest possible prospective buyer , we can even improve the properties appeal just to help you fall in love with your home again… 661 more words

Home Staging

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Looking Clean and Fresh

Walking into a clean kitchen is significantly less stressful than walking into one with piled up dishes and mess everywhere. Maintaining a clean kitchen may seem daunting to people, but it shouldn’t. 378 more words

Home Improvement

How to Start Practicing Recycling at Home

The benefits of recycling are widely known, and many people have incorporated recycling into their daily lifestyles. In addition to separating plastic, glass, and aluminum items into a separate disposal bin for recycling, many people look for ways to repurpose things that can still be used. 425 more words

Home Improvement

A nifty trick to help you pick the perfect paint color!

There’s a lot of careful consideration that goes into choosing the right paint color for a space. Sometimes, you have to just go for it. Or, you can save your self the headache of repainting by giving this (fairly easy) trick a try: 111 more words

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Do you have a house to sell? If so, take a few minutes to read about how you can make your house look its best. 608 more words

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Doing my thing

Viewing a Foreclosure and Having Fun in Burgettstown with a wonderful new client! ‘Interesting’ house. ;) Needed a bit of Jeep Power getting around the property. 17 more words

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