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From my journal, dated November 29, 2013

It’s Friday afternoon and I am crashing so hard right now. This was my last full week of class and I had 2 late nights Wed and Thurs. 302 more words

RIT Glasses, Pom-poms, Towels

These memorabilia, spanning many years, could be worn by an individual or put on display in one’s dorm room, office, or at home. With the small RIT emblem on the frame, the RIT glasses are a casual and subdued way to show one’s pride not anytime, not just at sporting events. 14 more words

BLOG: Blue Bombers preparing to face the unbeaten Eskimos

Ed Tait is a writer for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. This article was originally published at BlueBombers.com.

This is how it works in professional football: a guy stands out on film over a small sample size and the opposition studying his game often simply refers to him by his number. 1,231 more words


When it Comes to Baseball, I'm a Home-Team Fan

During my first baseball game in Saint Louis, I realized something about myself: when it comes to baseball, I’m a home-team fan. I’ve been accused of being a fair-weather fan in the past, and it’s something I’ve always been offended by (and, honestly, a little afraid of). 579 more words


Oh Lyd...

Day 2 – Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.

“….Where is the you I knew – the one that stood tall and true to his dream?” 60 more words


Watch Thomas Rhett's Music Video for "Craving You" Featuring Maren Morris

Thomas Rhett just dropped the music video for his new single, “Craving You,” featuring Maren Morris.  The video, directed by TK McKamy, plays out like a long trailer for an action movie staring Thomas and Maren with a cameo from Thomas’ wife Lauren.  93 more words


Why SPF and their minister should not be so defensive about criticism

I was reading this about  “Funny”cock ups by the British police http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-38861475.

The article ended by reporting  Professor David Wall, of Leeds University’s Centre for Criminal Justice Studies as saying”I think we look to police as a source of authority and to help us when we are in trouble and I guess that we expect them to be a little more perfect than the rest of us are,” adding this is only because their actions have “more serious consequences for society and public safety. 72 more words