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Home Workout using a single dumbbell

Imagine …

A home workout you can do with just a single dumbbell, that actually gets results.   I’m going to show you a quick, simple to execute routine consisting of only (4) exercises. 475 more words


Sexy Bikini Abs Workout

Funny that I just got done saying that Facebook wasn’t a problem for me, and I got into a tiff on it this morning. I should’ve known my posting would offend someone, but truthfully I just didn’t think about it. 625 more words


Workout and Word of the Day: #13

Happy Friday Everyone!

This feels like it has been a productive week for me!  I have managed to stick with my nutrition plan & workout everyday so far.  226 more words

No stats cause Wahoo TIKR crapped out before I was done.

Stupid, shitty technology, lol. I suppose that’s what us poor fuckers who can’t afford $400 watches get! Meh. It was a moderate one anyway. Last time I looked at my time it was right before 90min, so I’m going to say it was an hour and a half. 367 more words


Much to my surprise, a really enjoyable Astanga

And I was sore as shit from yesterday! And I didn’t start until 4pm! I’m trying to train myself to extend my exercising window further into the evening again, because otherwise I stop with my art & design efforts too early in the day. 52 more words


Dumbbell Workout for Muscle Growth #2

OMG I’m so “off” with my WO schedule this month… This week it’s Theodora’s being in heat. I found the solution! Last night I locked her in my bathroom. 661 more words


2017 Holiday HIIT #12: Sweaty Xmas Present by Kristin R

Well, I got the Polar going again via putting a new battery in the watch, and that might’ve been it. I can see where it’s going to be extremely difficult to make any more than a couple battery changes on the strap though, and while I’d ordered batteries for it, I also got a Wahoo TICKR. 517 more words