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Anatomy Of A Superset

If you’re looking to create an effective fat burning workout, one workout technique that you must be sure you aren’t overlooking is that of a superset. 511 more words

Personal Training

Basic Abs Exercise Without Equipment (2)

Summer’s coming! You wanna be topless on the beach with 6-8 beautiful abs, or with your bucket waist. It is the time to floor get crunch!! 551 more words

Home Workout

Let's Try...Taking Some Responsibility

Taking on new responsibility doesn’t come easily to me, and in fact, I often do my best to avoid it. Alas, you can’t avoid it forever. 1,012 more words

Fitness After 50

Household Items That Can Replace Exercise Equipment

I’m a big believer in YouTube workout videos, but often I’ll find one that I like only to be stopped when they start pulling out gym quality exercise equipment. 469 more words


Home Workout.

So today I mixed up my gym classes and what I thought was today is actually tomorrow. (they are using a new system and Im not very good adjusting to technical change :/) Luckily I noticed this before I actually set off for the class, so instead I decided to look to youtube for an alternative 30 minutes Pilates style work-out. 143 more words


No gym? No park? No worries! Start your fitness journey at home!

Have you ever thought to yourself that you need a gym membership to get fit? Or access to a large park? A back yard? Hell, a spare room? 432 more words


The Best Online At-Home Workouts

Hello there friends! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite ways to get a good workout in at home.  If you’re anything like me, it can be challenging to fit a workout in some days, especially during the work week.   951 more words