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Best Home workout for killer Triceps

When we talk about huge arms, generally biceps strikes to our mind but do you people even know???

Biceps cover only 40% of our arms rest 60% of our arms is covered by triceps. 548 more words

Home Workout

Full Body Workout

Certainly no one’s under the obligation to invite me to lunch

But the fact that it wasn’t a “guy’s thing” and the palpable embarrassment made me wonder just how much I’m being discussed. 233 more words


Best Home exercise for your chest

We all know chest is the most visible muscle of human body so for a strong upper body we should start with chest workout.
Here we are going to discuss about workouts for chest which we can perform at home.. 324 more words


Summer Shred #40

I  I was gonna take it. I tell the truth.

When your boyfriend lies & says he’s going to go get beer and then gets outraged that you didn’t know he had to FLIP BURGERS TOO FFS, to the thing & steal the tequila & work out. 206 more words


Summer Shred #20

You could at least get me a tank of gas, asshole

Well, I worked all day, got a load of laundry in & got some exercise. 139 more words


Summer Shred #19

Sometimes your body intervenes and dictates your rest days, pulling rank on your intended schedule.

Was so tired by Sunday that I did something I hadn’t done since April, and took a weekend day off exercise. 229 more words


Today many of us are very busy or have other reasons for keeping out from a gym training. With a proper food, attitude, sleep and exercise it is possible to get excellent results at home, too. 489 more words