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GET FIT with this "5-Minute FIT" Workout Routine!

One of the most common excuse for not keeping fit is “I’ve got no time”. Yet, we all know of the stories of successful CEOs and millionaires who have schedules packed down to the minute and still manage to find time to keep fit. 4,178 more words


Legs and Booty Circuit

Lets be real, who honestly has time to work out? Contrary to popular belief, I as sure as heck don’t. But I don’t let that get in my way. 125 more words


Super slow, restorative Astanga

Shoulders so sore! And I worked on them yesterday. I can’t tell if I made it worse by sleeping wrong again or not. Maybe I need new pillows. 353 more words


Michele's Happy Birthday Freestyle Workout

This was actually a pretty low burn for such a long routine, but Michele talks a lot, and with my pausing for notes & then having to find my place again, I waste a lot of time. 646 more words


**Full Body by Jen A & a good opening rant

Nasty-gram from Batshit this morning. First one I responded, tone diplomatic but terse. Second I deleted. I might have to block her again, over the holidays. 611 more words


Gym Workouts vs Home Workouts


Within a gym, there’s a slew of workout machines and equipment to experiment with. There’s something for every muscle group and the exercises you can concoct are endless. 737 more words