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"No Jump Rope" "No Problem" Workout

Skipped the vid warm-up, but I did some of the cooldown stretching & had an awesome workout.

“No Jump Rope” “No Problem” Workout

Part 1: EMOM 1:00… 461 more words


A very satisfying & therapeutic feeling Astanga

Previewed a new kettlebell WO that Julia posted a couple days ago. Wasn’t into that hardcore of a routine then & I still wasn’t today, lol. 303 more words


My version of Lisa's "Strength Reps HIIT Workout"

Took a rest day yesterday because I’ve started pulling assortments of Holiday socks, back when I used to design that category, and started tweaking them to present day inclinations. 354 more words


Most of an Astanga practice (- 3 ticks only)

Why can’t I count it fully if I don’t do handstand to backbend? I did do a few drop backs, but no ticks today. I was in a hurry to finish. 180 more words


HIIT Workout - I needed that.

Wearing a weighted vest while jumping rope makes you sound like a maraca.

  • I’d been planning on doing yoga but after yesterday I really needed something more active than what my yoga practice is these days.
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Wicked Wednesday Workout by Kristin R

I am scary resilient

And I’m hearing from my far flung, supportive friends. The support is invaluable.

  • I want to repeat this WO soon & try to improve my time.
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