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Long time no legs

Monday is a great day for legs!

You get them over and done with and then you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the week :) 84 more words


Tabata terror

When I really want to torture myself, I do things like waking up at 6am on a Saturday morning to run 20km.

Other times, I do this Tabata workout and basically collapse in to a heap afterwards. 108 more words


Do You Know How To Squat?

Put those quads, glutes and back muscles to work with this power move! Get stronger at the gym or right at home by incorporating this exercise into your workout routine! 169 more words


Full Legs And Abs Home Workout

Hey strong Lippy Ladies,

In this post I want to share my new home workout with you. All you need for it is your body and a mat. 162 more words


Hills for days

I spent most of my European summer on holidays and in places with lots of hills.

Hill training is torturous – but it’s basically the best cardio workout you can get, as well as being a fantastic legs workout. 178 more words

Home Workout

Wk 3 - Exercise doesn't have to be at the gym.

Having a gym membership is great for most of us. Gyms are, of course, filled with equipment, other people working out and if you are wise enough to turn off the cell phone, environmental distractions too. 560 more words

Slim Down Series

Maximize your Life

I recently watched the video by Jillian Michaels – Maximize your life on the FitFusion TV website. And I have to say, she is a hell of a speaker. 40 more words

Home Workout