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Treadmill/Arm Workout + No Equipment Ab Workout

Hey y’all! I’m so excited that today is Thursday because that means tomorrow is Friday and my crew and I will be headed to the river, our favorite place:) I only have clients until noon tomorrow and then we are hitting the road and should be on the water by 2:00. 479 more words


beachbody vs daily burn

So, as I noted in my previous post, I am back to eating a Paleo diet! So far, I’ve lost 4 lbs (totally water weight), and I’m feeling pretty good. 568 more words


Art Museum Hottie 2.0

A little over two weeks ago I was crowned as the NEW art museum hottie in Philadelphia.  Yes, you heard that right.  The exclusive rights to art museums all over the World to walk down the stairs on my hands, apparently with my shirt off. 406 more words

My Favorite Sports Bras + Home Leg Workout

Have you had a hard time finding the perfect sports bra? I know I have…I feel like I’ve tried them all! Today I’m going to show you which ones are my favorite and tell you why I love them. 784 more words


Home Workout. 

Here’s the workout I am doing quite often at the moment due to the gym being a half an hours walk away after a long day on placement. 116 more words


Dealing with Stress and Cultivating Self-Love: Yoga with Adriene

So, I haven’t been able to hit the gym nor have I been able to work out during the past few weeks… months. I felt extremely overwhelmed with work at my internship, learning to work with different people, trying to work on my thesis which was making very incremental progress, preparing visa papers for the US embassy, planning for our move to Los Angeles at the end of the year, and my sister’s bridal shower which I really wanted to help make beautiful amidst everything on my plate. 767 more words