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Wow, that was intense! #workout

That first set! I give myself 15 seconds for transition / list checking / face drying time. I had to slow down on the jump rope because I kept going north of 170 and I hit 180 more than once. 244 more words


Great workout today, after 2 days off

I’m really loving Tabata lately, and Velvet Hammer Fitness.

Extra warm-up (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals

Matt’s Metabolic Mayhem

Warm-up @ 3:10

Tabata Pairs 20:10 20 Minutes¬†with 8lb vest… 207 more words


Getting The Most Out Of Employing An Individual Trainer

First off – Congratulations on making your decision to lose weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Knowing you want to make a change in your life is the first step to your successful weight loss. 364 more words

#reps #EMOM and no-rest #tabata

Didn’t have time to preview this one at all, which actually takes me longer than following along (just for Julia’s workouts) b/c I like to pause the video after nearly every set to jot down notes. 462 more words


Top 4 bodyweight shoulder exercises

Today we have a short list of 4 bodyweight exercises for your shoulders that you can do right at home.

Pike push ups.

Pike push ups are a great way to build all shoulder muscles in one exercise like shoulder press. 150 more words

Home Workout

#Tabata #strength & #ashtanga #yoga

That felt good today! And sometimes it’s better to have a time limit (a lunch date in this case), so you don’t dither endlessly.

Agility Tabata + Posterior Chain… 283 more words


#Jumprope and #abs, #reps & some closing #yoga

Hadda go a long time to get a workout in, but it was ok as we have no plans for the evening.

Skipped the video warm-up & did my own, the usual, … 416 more words