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Free Workout Friday: One Complex

The idea behind this workout isn’t as a time saver (because you may need to take a bit to get this done, and done with good form), but to save space – or now that it’s nice out finally, get outside and get it done. 89 more words


The Beauty of Parallettes

How would you react if I tell you that there is a little inexpensive tool that can basically enable you to practice the elite sport of gymnastics in your own home or nearby park? 438 more words


Free Workout Friday: Keep it Simple. 

For the inch-worm to press: Start in forearm plank position, push up to palms, then walk your feet towards your hands to a forward fold position. 70 more words


Press Handstand Home Workout

Train at home and learn to press to handstand with these easy-looking exercises:


Plank rotations with a preschooler or a toddler

A plank is a basic move that sometimes looks too easy to be beneficial, but the reality is, even though getting into the plank might be easy, but holding a plank can be very difficult because it requires strength and endurance in your abs and back.   259 more words

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Home Workout 4 Minute Toned Arms Workout -💪🏽 Arm exercises for women

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Home Workout – Arm Toning Exercises for Women
This workout you will feel and even though it is just 4 minutes and we don’t use any weights it still is tough and it is going to challenge your arms, but as I always say it is the challenge that tones us. 28 more words