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August Patron's Choice

I’d intended to do this yesterday, but then I was propelled out of the house by my inner GTFO of here, and ended up running out of time b/c we went grocery shopping. 489 more words


Part 2: Workout Motivation, Tips & Tricks

PART TWO: Home Workouts and Equipment

Home vs. Gym
There are things I love about both and reasons why I still do both. From privacy to commute, consider what obstacles are killing your motivation. 847 more words


BodyRock - Leg & Ass Workout & some yoga

Started previewing a recent Velvet Hammer that looks great, even if it’ll be not quite the same thing for me since I don’t have enough range in dumbbells. 349 more words


NEW FALL WINTER 2018: Friday Full Body 2 (also tarot, emptiness and daily goals)

Tarot card of the day was 8 of Cups, Indolence.

SO right on…

Hod in suit of water. Saturn in Pisces. Stagnation in our life with no interest in friends or personal projects. 855 more words


3 Bender sets & some yoga

This was the WO I should’ve done yesterday! Melissa’s HIIT is pretty moderate, but it does the job and can be low pressure fun. It actually felt great… 599 more words


The force is not with me today - partial yoga & other stuff


Was a little dizzy this morning. We went to Rogue in the Pearl last night & both had the halibut fish & chips. (Also beer, and then some whiskey.) Very nice food only they seem to have ruined their vibe with the recent renovation. 374 more words

Home Workout

Lift Like A Bro #9: Lower Body + Abs

Well, my body feels a helluva lot better than it had been. The ongoing dental issue is more than a little bit of a full body “drag”, but all the tweaks have subsided. 704 more words