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Legs Like A Dancer #10

Funny that none of my regulars are posting YouTube videos right now: Lisa Marie, Julia, Michele. And the ones I do less often aren’t posting much either, like Melissa. 165 more words


Summer Shred #32

I used to exercise in the MUCH cooler dining room

But I gave up on that idea as it was a constant struggle.

Missed doing the ZGym scheduled for Monday, but this one looks much harder. 203 more words


Curls for the girls + progress so far

Yesterday, our family arrived in town for a week long vacation-stay. They didn’t get in until the late afternoon so not much was planned for yesterday. 355 more words

At Home Workout

Summer Shred #4 X

Was gonna do the next day’s, a longer one, but then I had the worst commute home ever. Worked out in 81 degree room! (Why HR got to 184.) Then hadda go move car after my shower…. 94 more words



5 rounds

15 Calories on Assault Bike

10 alt clean & twist (transverse plane work)

5 strict pull-ups

Rest 1 min


A few people came over tonight, to talk about a start-up

And I dunno… This whole west coast culture of perpetual vagaries is really wearing on me. I’m not sure I’m into it enough that my participation could be anything more than minimal. 121 more words


Saturday Astanga & another super productive day


  1. Finalised album cover, exported, dropboxed and got paid.
  2. Went online shopping with about half of it, buying some long overdue (though discount!) clothing.
  3. Did the agreed upon weekend watering & took out some recycling.
  4. 185 more words