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Saturday Astanga & another super productive day


  1. Finalised album cover, exported, dropboxed and got paid.
  2. Went online shopping with about half of it, buying some long overdue (though discount!) clothing.
  3. Did the agreed upon weekend watering & took out some recycling.
  4. 185 more words

Skinny Strawberry Lime Margaritas

Today started pretty rough for me. There was a MAJOR incident at work that I had to handle pretty early on in the day. Without going into any detail, it was one of those moments that really, really make you appreciate life and want to live each day to the absolute fullest. 453 more words


Summer Shred #2 & a bit of yoga

Oh man I felt like death warmed OVER today… But, since this my Portland existence & I have no social circle, I decided to do a teeny-tiny, short WO, just one set, which turned out to be quite torturous, with those 250 pendulums. 144 more words


One. More. Day.

One more day of work and I’m officially ON VACATION and I CANNOT WAIT. I desperately need some time away from my office before I lose my mind :) Tomorrow also happens to be the graduation at Connor’s preschool so I’m leaving work at 2, too. 197 more words

At Home Workout

Summer Shred #31 X

Obviously the Zgym WOs are good for me, so I’m keeping my subscription for awhile. I don’t do every single one in the weekly schedule, b/c on weekends I like to to longer WOs and get in an Astanga. 260 more words


A Butt Burnin' Backyard Workout

You know those days where getting out of the house just seems like a task thats a little too daunting with toddlers? Today was one of those. 221 more words

300 Killer Rep Workout #1 & some yoga

That was decent! I’m going to have to remember to start (laboriously b/c they’re old & wonky) putting down the office shades before I leave for work in the morning, now that it’s gonna be suddenly summer, over the weekend. 140 more words