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1hr, 57min Cardio Strength Workout on my birthday

Saw the Insta of this last night & got excited b/c I knew that meant a YouTube upload would be happening too. I previewed about 40min of it before I got sleepy. 616 more words


(most of) 2019 Weight Lifting #9 Full Body

I only skipped the burnout, though in Julia’s case they can be considerable. With most channels a burnout is usually around 5-8min. Total time, including putting equipment away, was 1hr, 13min. 534 more words


Nevertheless, she persisted - Booty Rock Workout by Kristin, 2 & some Yoga

Thought I must’ve done this one previously b/c when I clicked on the YouTube & saw I’d previewed more than half. Someone recently posted doing this one plus a Bender in Fitness Friends. 528 more words


5 Minutes Advance Home Workout Without Equipment- Day 6 Saturday

Here’s how to build muscle and get fit in the comfort of your own home, no special gear required. You may think you need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment to #buildmuscle and workout effectively, but results are possible just by using your own body weight. 112 more words


Ten Minute Home Workout

I Like to Move It, Move It!

Let me preface this post by saying that I am in no way a physical trainer nor do I have any training in that arena, so please consult your doctor/trainer/fitness junkie friend if need be. 889 more words

Gorgeous Astanga practice

Worth noting that yoga is mentioned on like page 9 of High Magick. It’s mentioned even in Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics, published in 1956. You want to be flexible and you want to work on your prana / mojo up, if you want to be able to throw your energy around, lol. 140 more words


HIIT to Boost Metabolism #2

This one popped up in my suggestions & I decided to not spend any time previewing and I forgot to note my start time! How’s that for stripping away all sorts of stats and evaluations?  338 more words