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BBG 12 week challenge: Week 9

I remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I couldn’t wait to get to week 9 because I was sure that’s when it started getting easier…er….well I don’t know where I got that idea from because this week was anything but easy! 504 more words


Reasons why I no longer go to the gym

I hate wasting time.

You are probably wondering what that’s got to do with this blog post title but think about it… how much time do you waste travelling to and from the gym? 813 more words

About Me

BBG 12 week challenge: Week 8

This week has been the week that nearly had me pressing the f*** it switch. Everything that could possibly wrong went wrong and as everything tumbled around me exercise and healthy eating fell at the very bottom of the list. 639 more words


BBG 12 week challenge: Week 7

We’re over halfway through the challenge, the finishing line is in sight! I must admit on Monday I felt really bored with the repetitiveness of the workouts, but I think maybe it’s just a Monday thing for me as I’m always slightly grumpy starting my exercises at the start of the week. 641 more words

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Traveling "Peasants" Workout

Hello Lovelies,

Today I want to focus on fitness and travel. When traveling, I like to find hotels with a workout center. However, seeing as I am a broke college student, that doesn’t always play in my favor. 930 more words


Salvage Your Workout with Band Exercises

You’re stuck at home as it pours down snow outside. The weather channel is cluttered with flashing alerts that discourage travel of any kind. Being fully committed to your workouts, you peek out a frosted window at the treacherous street. 1,015 more words


BBG 12 week challenge: Week 6

Wow week 6 is a tough one! Nothing we can’t handle but definitely a good sweat fest as there’s two cardio based workouts this week. If you’re looking to lose body fat then I would say this week (and also week 8 as it’s exactly the same) is going to be great for that. 489 more words