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My Favorite At-Home Workouts

I used to do most of my workouts from my basement. And while I now incorporate running and hot yoga classes into my routine, I still love a good home-based sweat. 215 more words


No Excuses

We aren't just building our fitness—we are building a life. Don't forget that." — THEDADLIFT

I've heard the battle cry, "no excuses!!" The saying is sprayed across social media in many a motivational meme.

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Life Hacks

Vacation Workout

I’m on vacation and yes, I have a workout plan. I know what you’re thinking, only crazy people workout on their vacation.

I’m not diligent about getting my workout in on vacation but if I’m away from exercise too long I start to not feel good and I get cranky. 348 more words

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Big is beautiful... 

Warning: Touchy topic ahead with no sugar coating. 

Calling someone “fat” is a HUGE no-no, but saying a girl looks “manly” or “skinny” is ok. Umm, negative ghost rider. 419 more words


What my morning beverage looks like. 

I gave up drinking coffee on a daily basis about 3 weeks ago. It was making me jittery and effecting my workouts for the worse, I ended up feeling very light headed while lifting weights which is not a good feeling. 103 more words


Must be the Monday Blues...

Ugh! Just what I needed – waking up and feeling HORRIBLE.


I spent the entire day yesterday at work. I’m working retail during the summer months to help with income. 799 more words