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High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Today after completing my HIIT schedule, I stumbled upon a post written by Locke Hughes, where she jots down a few notes on HIIT to build your upper body. Intrigued? HIIT it!

Functional Exercise

Lose Stomach Fat-Eliminate Stomach Fat to obtain Six Pack Abs

In accordance to a different analyze, the deposition of fat around your belly around the abdominals take place typically by unique tissue ever-increasing in size, at the same time, fats grow in other places for example the decreased entire body, this is the excessive fat cells that increase. 565 more words

6 Pack Abs Workout

Why you need an elliptical cross trainer in your life

Whether you’re already familiar with elliptical cross trainers, or barely know much about this form of cardio workout, there’s a whole load of reasons why they’re pretty fantastic. 810 more words

Fitness And Training

Fitness Isn't Always Glamorous

I think this is something we all realize, but in the world of online fitness it’s sometimes hard to remember. Companies make millions selling designer workout clothes. 313 more words


Beachbody's Summer Clearance Sale starts today! June 10, 2015!

This stuff is going to sell out FAST!! Most items are between 50 and 70% off!! Want to get your summer slimming fixings on the cheapo!! 44 more words

Challenge Yourself

Tested the Zero Runner

I had a strange workout the other day; it was in a shop in full gym kit! Admittedly the shop was Fitness Superstore so it wasn’t like I was doing Crossfit in H&M or anything, but still, it was a bit strange. 504 more words


HIIT Hurts!! 😩 Yet it makes you feel so good!

Went back to the most efficient workout out there, @HIITgirl001 workout for Sweaty Beaty’s 30 day sweat challenge which I first discovered in September. I have to say it was tougher than I remember! 385 more words