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3 rounds of

1) Dive bombers – 10 
2) burpees – 5 
3) squat leg lift – 40 
4) burpees – 5 
5) side plank lifts – 10/10  8 more words


Anyone who has studied the secrets of success in business and in life, knows that Desire is the first step to achievment. of anything.

In the past, we have attributed desire soley to the success of the businessman, the man who wants to achieve love, greatness, being heard, but never have we attributed it to fitness. 103 more words

Daily Workout

The Full Body Workout I'm Loving Right Now

I used to create fitness challenges (see my 30 Day Challenge, T25 Focus, and 90 Day Challenge for evidence) and follow them strictly. I never thought I’d get to the point where I could just “go with the flow” and admittedly I’m not there 100% yet. 210 more words


Just another manic workout for you, my friends. Let me explain how this one went down. Went to our local crossfit, signed in, looked at the workout, and thought to myself. 254 more words


The Rulebook

Crucial to our success is our ability to  log and create healthy rules and habits. The Rulebook is a tool box. full of tools, endless parts. 40 more words

Daily Workout

Ask Zo

Hi Everyone! This is my first post. After writing and rewriting several sites to help several different kinds of people. Athletes. Weekend Warriors. Females. Males. People who want everything from a six pack to a booty. 157 more words

Daily Workout

February starts like this...

This morning with the gentle tinkling of my iPhone alarm I woke and realised I needed to get up promptly to be ready to host a little coffee morning appointment with the arrival of a new friend and her two little ones. 580 more words