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Is it important to have a good posture

I Love My Fit Body – Build A Good Posture

The attitude of a person is an excellent indicator of his physical form. Good posture is important for balance and helps you stay focused. 145 more words


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“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

Women and weights 💪

So throughout my life, whenever I’ve been to the gym or even bought little dumbbells, I always got the same comment ‘don’t go getting bulky with weights’ 170 more words


BBG 12 week challenge: Week 12

It’s the final week of the BBG 12 week challenge, I really can’t believe how quickly these weeks have gone! That’s three months of commandos, mountain climbers and every kind of burpee variation you’ve ever heard of (or wish you’ve never heard of) 664 more words


Why I no longer go to the gym

I hate wasting time.

You are probably wondering what that’s got to do with this blog post title but think about it… how much time do you waste travelling to and from the gym? 812 more words


BBG 12 week challenge: Week 11

There’s no getting around it, this week is tough. But, we’ve done it once before so we can definitely do it again. My advice would be not to look at the exercises too far in advance, wait until you’re just about to workout so you don’t talk yourself out of it! 528 more words


Decision Fatigue: What to do? I choose… nothing.

What to do? I choose… nothing.

Have you ever done this?

There’s a moment— the moment when I change from slippers into my workout shoes— that used to cause me anxiety. 283 more words