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Tuck jump mini challenge

Hey lovelies!

I’ve set my self a new mini challenge this week.  TUCK JUMPS

I’m pretty bad at these in general.   Being tall, long limbed, quite gangly and lanky, when I perform a tuck jump I genuinely look like someone tossed a pan of spaghetti into the air. 399 more words


No shame Sunday

I’ve been reading a lot lately about mindset, fixed versus growth, and brain training (what conscious and subconscious thoughts are determining your emotions?). Marie Kondo talks about not keeping things out of guilt or fear and instead surrounding yourself with things that spark joy. 159 more words

Home Workout #7: Around the World (12 Minutes)

Lunges Anyone?

Today we are going to work those quads and glutes with lunges.  Each round is 4 minutes long.

Remember: Lifting weights is crucial to build muscle.   181 more words


April Goals

Even though it’s already the middle of April, with BodyPower UK only 4 weeks away and a disconcerting feeling that I am letting a lot of little things slide. 808 more words


Get Fit without a Gym - Advantages of Working Out at Home

While everyone knows the importance of exercise in general, a lot of people don’t seem to find time to develop a daily fitness routine. They don’t have time to drive to a fitness center on a regular basis. 461 more words

Best Home Workouts

Fitness fun - Just Dance

Just Dance

It can be hard to get motivated to go to the gym, and personally I find it even harder to get motivated to do a workout at home. 1,132 more words


FREE Full Body Blaster Home Workout.

Working in a gym, I hear so many different excuses as to why people don’t want to come and work out. Here are just a few: 315 more words