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Bowflex MAX Trainer M5: "I Fell in Love"

With the revolutionary Bowflex MAX Trainer soon to arrive in the UK – exclusively at Fitness Superstore – Brooke Birmingham, now a US Fitness Blogger after losing 12 stone in weight, tells us why she loves the Bowflex MAX Trainer M5… 579 more words

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Sustainable Fitness - The Next Chapter!

Not Dead, but have been reacting to contact in life more so than owning the initiative. I’ve mentioned in the past my focus on http://www.getfitstarter.com… 297 more words

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1,000 Rep Workout

Hi Everyone!

Today I have a 1,000 rep workout challenge for you! There is a video demonstrating the exercises in the order they are listed on the printable picture. 88 more words

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Why and How My Muscles are Mostly Made at Home

Think of something that has changed your life for the better.   What did you come up with?  I can make a pretty long list but basically the answer can be boiled down to video technology.  644 more words

Bodyshred is NO joke

1. A year later I still LOVE my orange basement. So glad I stuck to my gut on that one.


2. Jillian Michaels #bodyshred is NO joke! 87 more words


Stairwell Workout - super burner!

Vacation day 4:  Stairwell workout, mile run, tabatas

The baby must be going through a growth spurt because he’s eating up a storm and woke up twice last night to eat.   104 more words


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Today after completing my HIIT schedule, I stumbled upon a post written by Locke Hughes, where she jots down a few notes on HIIT to build your upper body. Intrigued? HIIT it!

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