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During labor and birth, the mama is flooded with a potent cocktail of hormones that create the ecstasy and deep opening characteristic of natural childbirth.  Throughout pregnancy, our bodies develop more and more receptors for these hormones to act upon and so… once the baby releases the hormone to pour this cocktail for mama there is a dramatic response. 119 more words

Katrina Hollon

Daddy is gone for the holidays.

Sean is out of town for the holidays.  I am not sure how I am going to get through.  I am off call at this point so I am thankful to have time with the kids and my new Granddaughter.  349 more words

Private Midwives: Not the Kind with Hairy Armpits Birthing Babies Under the Trees

Ok, well, I don’t know if our midwife, Maria has hairy armpits or not… In fact, I have nothing against hairy armpits at all, sometimes, mine get a bit ‘fuzzy’ as Margo likes to say! 1,528 more words


Looking Back on A Blissful Homebirth

Buddha Baby’s Homebirth Story

First Latch

Buddha baby has his 2nd birthday, July 9, 2012. In honor of his birthing day, I am sharing his homebirth story. 1,746 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

Response to the TIME Magazine article on AP. It says it all so I don't have anything to add!!

An Open Letter to TIME Magazine

May 12, 2012

My version of TIME’s cover: breastfeeding my son at 2-years-old.Really, TIME Magazine?  Really??  Here are some of the sentiments you’ve inspired:“Cut the cord!” 2,020 more words

Sweetest words I've ever heard.


I was just told these same words a few weeks ago – when I showed up to a birth in my pajamas and racoon eyes, hair knotted and slippers on my feet!

Rector Rant of the Week!

I helped a lady have a baby on Monday.

If I had not been an experienced provider  – she would NOT be rocking her baby right now. 430 more words