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Musicians have a slightly different take on the holidays.

 We are the not so silent, persistently present color in everybody else’s landscape. We are the string quartet for the Good Friday service, Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, Lenten Sundays; the background Sousa marches for Fireworks on the Bay on the 4th of July, the marching music in the Memorial Day Parade, the Labor Day Telethon; the New Year’s Eve party band. 1,070 more words

Contemplative Essays

Hot Rasam on a Cold Day

The crisp autumn weather made me crave Rasam. It is a fantastic South Indian soup that is perfect for the cold when you have a cold. 134 more words

Niyati's Recipes

Say Cheese: Mushroom Asiago Chicken and Cauliflower Mash

“As a side, I steamed some fresh asparagus and made a cauliflower mash.”

“When I scrolled across this recipe (like I do so many on our favorite recipe collector, Pinterest) I was pleasantly surprised to find it was relatively easy, somewhat healthy, and it featured two of my favorite ingredients: mushrooms and cheese.” … 674 more words

Homecooked Meals

Tonight's Quick Meal!

I don’t know what type of cuisine it is that I make…I usually go food shopping – get the veggies and the protein and just throw it all together. 102 more words


Amish Chicken Thighs/Mushrooms/Green Beans Sautéed in Cast Iron Pan

I love cast iron pan cooking and am thrilled it is experiencing a true renaissance. I received several cast iron frying pans in 1970 for a wedding gift and have been cooking with them on and off ever since. 644 more words

Small House Homestead

Cajun Kitchen: My Favorite Shrimp Étouffée Recipe

“I was stoked when I stumbled upon (and totally rocked) this recipe for shrimp étouffée last week.”

“This recipe is packed with all that spicy, deep-flavored goodness – with the quality of shrimp being a key ingredient.” … 524 more words


Homecooked: Tom Yum Hot Pot


If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love eating hot pot. I especially love Tom Yum Thai-styled hot pot.

But, what is hot pot? 361 more words

Homecooked Meals