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I never cared for Stroganoff. She said that like a Romanov

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while.  Work and life have both been insanely crazy and busy with wedding planning and all that other fun stuff that goes with the new four letter word “Adulting” *twitches*.   1,066 more words

Grillin’ and Chillin’: BBQ Pork Ribs and Louisiana Fried Corn

I want my baby back, baby back …

Can you hear the sizzle?

Who needs a grill to barbecue, anyway?

Ah, summertime: the sun shines bright, the beaches beckon, and the backyard grills heat up for barbecue season. 470 more words

Spicy Foods

Variation of dishes

Following yesterday’s post, I decided to list the possible permutations.

~ Salmon, Threadfin, Snapper, Cod, Seabass, Pomfret
~ Pan fried with salt crust, Baked with sea salt/herbs/orange juice/lemon juice/miso/teriyaki, Teochew steam (with ginger, tomatoes, preserved vegetables, preserved plums), light soya sauce & ginger/dried scallops/wolfberries/spring onions, sliced fish in fish stock soup, salmon belly in miso soup with tofu, fish shepherd pie… 139 more words


Cooking for the family 

I seldom blogged about the meals I cooked for the family, mainly because for a full week shift, it would comprise of 4-5 weekday dinners and 2 weekend lunches. 415 more words


Dill Salmon Hash: Brunch in Style

Domku version

My at-home version

With brunch fresh on my mind from this morning, I thought I would share with you a make-at-home version of one of the best brunch meals I’ve had in DC! 604 more words

Clean Eating

Vanilla Almond Overnight Oats

With a hectic schedule leaving me eating nearly every meal out of the house, I am constantly searching for easy, filling breakfast ideas that I can prepare ahead then grab out of the fridge to eat either on-the-go or in the office. 461 more words

Clean Eating

Simple Stuffed Peppers

With my current lifestyle, I am constantly on the move and eat most of my meals out of the house. Rather than incessantly ordering from fast food restaurants or eating pre-packaged, prepared foods, I prefer to cook meals in advance that I can re-heat later in the week when I’m at work or school. 446 more words

Clean Eating