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Shirley S. Woods

Shirley Woods graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Sociology in 1943, and went to work as a project engineer at Remington Arms in New York, making five dollars more per hour than her husband, a chemical engineer. 87 more words


Faith W. Peak

When Faith Peak was a high school student, she listened to Lowell Thomas on the radio talking about the war and Germany’s invasion of Poland. As a Senior Service (Girl) Scout, she helped the war effort by dismantling an iron fence, cleaning up the Charles River (for scrap metal and rubber tires) and recycling playing records. 72 more words


Rabble Rousing

For those of you under the age of 50, or who don’t read Historical fiction, rabble rousing is defined as “an instance or the practice of stirring up the passions or prejudices of┬áthe public.” Back in the olden days, before the internet, rabble rousers worked crowds while standing on a crate on a street corner. 401 more words


Charlotte Lastnik

Charlotte Lastnik was a civilian secretary for the Army during World War II and talks about going to area hospitals (including Cushing Hospital in Framingham) to interview former POWs. 78 more words


The A.C.T. Young Conservatory: Homefront

Growing up, I often went to see friends perform in musicals put on by San Diego Junior Theatre. JT is the oldest continuous children’s theatre program in the United States. 500 more words


Record Keeping

Ever have one of those days? You’re especially tired, or a deadline creeps up on you? Maybe you have another in what seems like a long line of headaches? 446 more words


Soldiers and their music

War can certainly be a time of danger, but there are other times when soldiers are in camp stateside or behind the lines when they can relax. 590 more words