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Jammin' on Palmer Square

Guest post from Colleen Miller (thank you, Colleen!) 

Princetonians taking a stroll in the warmer weather in April might notice some unusual activity on Palmer Square. 494 more words

Faith And Social Justice


An exciting day it was, eventful to say the least. Not too long ago, our home had been a nest for two, with the addition of Nina, it had grown to three. 437 more words

Ashley Angelique Moss

Running The Quantum Relay

It was the 12th of January, 2018, and your mummy had just held you for the first time. You were taken back to the nursery to rest and your mummy was allowed time to recover. 251 more words

Ashley Angelique Moss

Let's talk about giving teachers guns.

I’m not a teacher anymore.

But for 6 years, I had the sincere pleasure of educating elementary school children. 10 year olds. 5th graders who still looked to me for band-aids, were excited to show me their LEGO sets, and stared wild-eyed when I could answer 50 multiplication problems in under 50 seconds. 1,054 more words


THQ Nordic buys Koch Media

THQ Nordic has slowly been making waves as of late. After buying many old THQ IP’s a few years ago, and bizarrely resurrecting the dead name of THQ, the company has continued to grow, with an ever-increasing roster of games, including the upcoming Darksiders 2 and De Blob,  and this growth is only getting bigger, thanks to a big new acquisition for them. 269 more words

Video Games

Weathering the Storm: Feeling the Effects of the Great War on the Homefront

Winter 100 years ago was not unlike our current weather conditions; the winter of 1917-1918 was exceptionally cold. With a healthy accumulation of snow beginning in December and more on its way, temperatures dropped to the single digits as the New Year began.   1,288 more words