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As Time Goes By

A friend from college said that his mom always made him try something three times before deciding that he didn’t like it. I guess he could decide he liked it in one, if he wanted. 1,147 more words

Shelter: Westmount highrise with a downtown view

Rhunah Soriano grew up in the Philippines and moved to Montreal with her parents when she was 15 years old. She freely admits that for many years she resented them because they had made her leave everything that was familiar, including her friends. 854 more words


Good Forms

The smell of french fries crossed the street on its own. It was actually the smell that conjures fries. More like the smell of the fryer. 457 more words


Hobby on the Edge

The Spouse has a new hobby. It’s not as much a hobby as a skill building process. You could even say he’s honing a new expertise. 169 more words


Random Sampler: Recent real-estate transactions in N.D.G., Pointe-Claire, Châteauguay


7390 Côte St-Luc Rd., condo, 3 bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, engineered wood floors, washer/dryer in unit, two parking spots. Built in 2008. Taxes (municipal and school): $2,850. 167 more words


Shelter: Reminders of New Brunswick in N.D.G. row house

Kent Hovey-Smith is a New Brunswicker through and through. He grew up in Fredericton, but he also has a Quebec connection going back many generations. The “Hovey” in his name refers to Captain Ebenezer Hovey, an American from Connecticut who in 1803 was granted land in the Eastern Townships. 852 more words


Don't Be Mad With Science

Cancer is an awful scourge that makes people we love suffer. The rat-bastard disease rips people we love out of our lives. Stupid cancer makes people into angels when we aren’t ready to let them go, when we should be with them. 765 more words