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Video: Calgary Muslims say they are hurt by image of radicalism

Members of Calgary’s 8th and 8th Mosque were shocked when news broke that members of their community were overseas fighting with ISIL. Here, while volunteering their time to help out homeless Calgarians at the Drop-In Centre, they share with the Herald’s Dylan Robertson some of the frustration they feel at being judged by the actions of others espousing radical ideas in Canada.


Video: More freedom to speak about the issues would help combat radicalization, says facilitator

“Radicalization is not an isolated issue,” says Stephane Pressault. “It has a social context.”

That’s the approach Stephane Pressault of Project Communities uses when combatting extremism in Canada. 41 more words


Canadians need to leave 'us versus them' behind

Canadians must set aside a warlike mentality to decide whether jailed terrorists can ever be rehabilitated, a University of Calgary researcher said this week.

“We need to start to abandon this language of war, and this notion that this is about us versus them, because these are our citizens, and through our legislation this is our problem,” said post-doctoral fellow Ryan Williams. 462 more words

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Video: 'Grievances are the energy that keeps the radical train going'

Hussein Hamdani, a former member of the federal government’s national security advisory panel, has intervened in more than 10 cases of Muslims who wanted to join terror groups. 54 more words


Video: Positive relationships key to defusing extremism, says former radical

Muhammad Robert Heft went to Iraq in 2003 as a human shield. His experience there soured his extremist views, and today he works to help steer people away from radicalization. 13 more words


Radicalization tears apart Canadian families

Just weeks before Aaron Driver was arrested in a Winnipeg terrorism investigation in June, his father in northeast Alberta was hoping it would happen.

“I’d rather see him arrested and get help that way than to be left to his own devices, and perhaps do something crazy,” Wayne Driver said two months before police moved in. 2,708 more words


'Without the Internet, the depth of the (terrorism) message would never have been so great'

Ahmad Waseem left Windsor, Ont., in 2012 to fight in Syria and eventually join the Islamic State group, known as ISIL. Wounded in battle, he later came back to Canada for medical treatment. 991 more words