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Radicals become the killers within

And in a second piece, this time from Monday’s Times, looking at the phenomenon of homegrown radicalisation, this time in the context of Mohammed Emwazi, as well as the Paris attacks. 597 more words


They are NOT “Lone wolves”

To all the copywriters, the reporters, the news announcers and assorted talking heads; please stop referring to terrorists as “lone wolves”. You are inferring a dignity and natural beauty that they do not possess. 90 more words


Report: Muslim UC Merced Student Who Went On Stabbing Spree Was On US Terror Watch List

If confirmed, will the Merced County “It-Had-Nothing-To-Do-With-Islam” Sheriff change his tune? Probably not. After all, music (which has nothing to do with Islam, either) leads to ignorance … 456 more words

Radical Islam

"Praise Allah!": Campus Stabber's Two-Page Manifesto Included Islamic Prayers And Plans To Behead Victims

Feel like worshipping no deity other than the god of Islam? There’s a verse for that. Feeling compelled to offer nothing but Islamic prayers? There’s also a verse for that. 655 more words

Radical Islam

Muslims In New York, New Jersey, Illinios And Ohio Develop Sudden Nothing-To-Do-With-Islam Urge To Wage Jihad For Allah

In the minds of many Muslims, being a believer on fire for “Allah” means opening fire on everyone who isn’t …

Zechariah 5:3a, 8a, ”… This is the curse [אָלָה –  647 more words

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California: Muslim University Student "With A Smile On His Face" Goes On Stabbing Spree, Shot Dead By Campus Police

Wake up, America. Far too often, the “moderates” of today are the “extremists” of tomorrow. But liberals don’t want to hear any of it. They’re far too busy trying to ban the very weapons that can stop them. 541 more words

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Former CSIS analyst on homegrown terrorism and Islamic doctrine - The Globe and Mail

Good interview with Phil Gurski, former CSIS homegrown terrorism expert, regarding the messages in his new book, The Threat From Within. Last para particularly noteworthy: 502 more words