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Chances of Brussels-style ISIL attack less likely in Canada, Senate committee told

OTTAWA — There is less likelihood of a Paris- or Brussels-style ISIL attack here because of geography and security screening of immigrants before they arrive, the head of the federal Integrated Threat Assessment Centre told parliamentarians Monday. 608 more words


The terrorist group who killed most Americans

Guess Which Terrorist Group Has Killed the Most Americans Since 9/11

While Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are using the Brussels attack to foment Islamophobia amongst their respective bases, it’s important to note that white terrorists have killed more Americans on U.S.

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Belgian Attacks Horrific, But Expected

by IPT News  •  Mar 22, 2016

As shocking as this morning’ssimultaneous terror attacks at Belgium’s airport and in its Metro system may be, they show the disturbing depth of the terrorist infrastructure which was allowed to take root in the European Union capital’s back yard. 305 more words

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Police: Islamist Motivation in Canadian Recruitment Center Attack

IPT, by Abha Shankar  •  Mar 15, 2016

A top police official has alleged an Islamist motivation in Monday’s attack on a military recruitment center in Toronto. 389 more words

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Terrorism and a New Bill of Rights

Though the primaries of both parties have dominated the headlines, I believe that too little attention has been paid to a game-changing story with long-term ramifications: the… 1,602 more words


New York: ISIS-Inspired Muslim Develops Sudden Urge To Create List Of Americans To Behead

Because the “word of Allah” says to “slay them wherever you may come upon them”  (Qur’an 4:89). The more seriously a Muslim takes their faith, the more likely they’ll want to see you dead … 752 more words

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New York: Muslim Shoots Two Brookyln Police Officers In "Wild Shootout"

The article below describes the Muslim shooter as “self-radicalized.” What it doesn’t tell you, as usual, is that he found all the bitter, hate-filled inspiration he needed from the “noble” Qur’an … 637 more words

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