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Food thoughts by Tara Johnson

My sister in law, Tara, was raised on the west coast, moved to Colorado in her twenties and now lives in a beautiful little home that she and my brother have worked hard to fix up and create into their own perfect little place. 559 more words

Last Week [happenings in the garden]

April, a little early to get things going in the garden, but so much hope and anticipation for the growing season to start.  Some bags of compost rototilled into the soil happened this week to get the soil prepped for little seedings that I plan on starting inside this week.  177 more words

In The Garden

Why Rabbits?

When we first moved to our land we wanted to start with small livestock. We both worked full time in town and had a toddler, so we needed an easy animal to care for. 739 more words

Many hands make light work.

Afternoon all, the sun is shining but I do wish the weather would start to warm up now, my window sills are packed to the brim and I still have lots to do. 538 more words


Spaghetti squash babies getting bigger! 

I’m always surprised how quickly they grow! Only pollinated a week ago and now I have 4 little mini squashes! I am not sure which pits they’re coming out of, I have three pots each with two plants.. 10 more words


You are what you eat

I’m not really big on diets, I merely prefer to live a healthy lifestyle and to fill my bowl with real, nutritious and colorful foods that bring me joy on a daily basis! 85 more words

Healthy Living

M.O - No Foolish Love

f you don’t catch peoples attention in the first 30 seconds their gone! However I think musically on occasions it does work if you take the time to build/create something. 159 more words