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Roast Tomato & Aubergine Salad

A friend of mine grows all kind of fruit and veg and always surprises us with his amazing produce. This time we got a variety of tomatoes and aubergine, I wish flavour-gram was invented already because the flavour of the tomatoes was so luscious. 378 more words


Late September Update

Having just returned from a week in Pennsylvania and New York, I was happy to discover that it had rained while I was away (and that those checking on my apartment were diligent at watering). 99 more words

Care for a little justice with your wine?

Although the Niagara wine industry is becoming increasingly renowned for the quality of its grapes, at present the industry simply could not exist without migrant workers. 167 more words

Harvest Time!!! 🍅 Tomatoes

We bought a house! It has a yard! My awesome friends gifted us with many sproutlings of a variety of tomatoes. I thought maybe we’d get 50 tomatos max. 357 more words


The Girls Are Here!

I bit the bullet and planted two seeds.!

I stuck a clothes pin into each one of the girls resting place. I dated the clothespins 9/25/2016. 360 more words

Follow Along And Watch Them Grow!

How To Use Your Homegrown Veg

This is a different post to my normal repertoire of camping tips and walks, however I thought it would be good to try something different. Plus, gardening is a great way to spend time outside all year round. 635 more words

Louisiana Lemons

Growing a lemon tree is quiet easy! Since lemons are more cold sensitive than other citrus trees, they are perfect to grow in South Louisiana’s unpredictable climate. 119 more words