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Homestead Challenge: Level-Toddler

I love reading homestead blogs and looking at all of the lovely pictures of people living such wholesome, meaningful lives. Life. Goals.

Seeing productive gardens that feed families inspires me to get out there and get dirt under my nails! 353 more words



Just visited a friend who has a serious case of spider mites eating his plants up. He has no idea what to do. He has plants in both veg and flower. 369 more words

Ground cherries: grow your own for salsa!

Ground cherries are in season right now, and some lucky readers may find them at their local farmers’ market. This hardy fruit has a thin husk and looks a lot like a tomatillo as it ripens. 354 more words


Intervals and veggies 

Tonight my friend (who I’m running the local half with) and I did our first outdoor intervals. I’ve done a lot of intervals in my life, but I’ve never managed to do them outside for some reason. 233 more words


Growing an Avocado from the Seed

Step 1: Where to Get an Avocado Seed

Many ask where to buy an avocado seed. There two options: first you can order them online but I really don’t suggest it since it’s a waste of time and money.Sometimes,  The second option, my favorite, is to actually eat an avocado and remove the seed gently without scratching it with the knife. 406 more words


Dear Mary, How does your garden grow?

Not so long ago we were a family of farmers. It’s pretty much all we did for probably hundreds of years. My parents’ fathers both worked on their own farms (whilst the women in the family seemed to take on the traditional roles of a housewife.) 223 more words

Baked Squash and Zucchini with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Two posts in one week? Actually, it was laziness from last week… So, here is this weeks post and recipe. I am currently sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to my favorite place in the world, Dauphin Island, plenty of time to share my dinner from two nights ago. 585 more words