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   We finally have our mulch pile spread out. So far there are strawberries planted along the edges and a hardy banana. We plan to add sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes, and maybe some other hardy tropical plants for shade… 64 more words


4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Start Your Homegrown Business

Entrepreneurship is “in.” Whether it’s developing the newest app, launching the next big social enterprise or simply starting an innovative laundry service, everyone loves a good underdog story. 411 more words


Three Places To Find Salad (2015)

1. Eatery.
2. Kitchen.
3. Garden.
To set tone-


Root Soup

Our first ‘al fresco’ allotment meal of the year! Such a treat to be eating a big bowl of hot soup in the fresh air – I’m sure it tastes better! 228 more words


The Dinner Bell is Ringing.

The topic today is food. FOOOOOOOD!

How it makes me feel, how it inspires me, excites me and makes me want to build my life around it. 784 more words


It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Not slow. Not boring. Not at all! Just a little quiet. Nothing huge and big and new to write about. 257 more words

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Homemade apple jelly

We started this tradition of making apple jelly after Silje’s brother came over with parts of their apple harvest. We still have yet to get a decent harvest from our trees as they are a bit too young still. 606 more words