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Yummy Fresh Honey Wax

I went back home to help my Dad extract honey. These are the cappings that came directly off of the frame. Nothing like chewing fresh wax full of honey.

Homegrown Ep1: Crosstown Doughnuts

Think doughnut. Ringed, filled, icing, chocolate, sprinkles. Definitely. Matcha Green Tea? Gin and Lemon? Errr, really? Crosstown do doughnuts differently to everyone else, from the different shapes and sizes to, of course, the flavours. 424 more words


Déjà vu Dinner & Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

I suppose it’s possible that not every human on the big spinning blue and green earth loves spaghetti. But in most circles, I can almost bet that very few folks would turn their nose up at a nice, piping hot plate of noodles and sauce, blanketed with some freshly grated parmesan. 707 more words


Home Grown Custard Apple

This is the home gown custard apple – also known as “Lin Kim”.

Inside is white meat cover with many little seeds inside.

Served best in chills.

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Black-Eyed Pea Cakes with Corn Salsa

For some reason I don’t think to cook with black-eyed peas very often.  To be honest, it’s about once a year – New Year’s Day.  But when I was flipping through the most recent issue of  244 more words

Not bad for a morning's work!

Spring onions, potatoes, the last of the lettuce (hallelujah!) and a show-winner of a courgette.

Probably another courgette to pick in a day or two (and more to follow), some of the peas are nearly ready too :) 56 more words

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