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Ballarat Swap Meet: golden glow 

How’s the beautifully mellow cognac interior of this old Ford?


Spotto Your Dream: HR panel van 

Looking – to my eye – like a retro ad for earthworks or something similar, I had to turn around after this scene caught my eye, and I had finished internally processing the image, so I could take a photo. 57 more words


In My Garden: white mulberry 

It’s usually the first of the summer fruits to ripen, but this season had disruptions and the fruit didn’t ripen on the first or second setting. 23 more words


In My Backyard: round and round the garden 

I took my secateurs and Fujifilm X30 camera for a walk around the garden after sunset, which was much more pleasant than anticipated.


Losses and Gains: the thing about grief is

These are just my thoughts…

It seems strange to have arrived at forty-something with only a few deaths among my circle of family and friends (but by no means none of significance), and of course I know that from here on in they will come with increasing frequency. 315 more words


Get Set, 2017! Seeing in the new year with the one I love

I seldom mention my partner, here on my blog, but not because I’m not in love with him. We have been together for the past three years, and have had such a lot of amazing times – exploring and enjoying life, through many challenging times. 48 more words