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Good Ole Boys: August morning tea run to Coleraine

I am fortunate to be a member of the local car and bike club, the Good Ole Boys, based at Edenhope in the West Wimmera. Every month the members can join the morning tea run, organised by a couple of the gang, to visit various locations around the Wimmera and South East SA. 122 more words


To The Top! a twining, striving sundew 

What do you do when you’re a landlocked sundew plant, hungry for fresh insect flesh? You strike out and climb up a neighbouring bush and maximise exposure! 7 more words


Passages of Life: farewell to a good bloke 

This week I was present at the funeral of a relative who I didn’t know well, but always knew was well-liked, appreciated and respected by his community. 38 more words


Nature Strip Adventure: nature takes over 

I’m no gardener – the dead shrubs and knee-high weeds attest to that fact – but I am fortunate to have a terrific bit of nature strip that is home to a gorgeous natural garden. 71 more words


Winter Morning Beauty: bejewelled leaf

As I prepared to leave for work, this fallen leaf outside my window caught my eye. I grabbed my camera, with macro lens already attached, on the way out and fired off two shots before getting in the car – this was the second one. 24 more words


About Italian Greyhounds: don't get one!

Ten years ago I made the mistake of buying an Italian Greyhound, and have been ruing that day ever since. Oh, he’s wonderful in so many ways, and dreadful in precisely two, both of which are about the bottom end: (1) he gobbles up cat poo like it’s his favourite hot meal, and (2) he’d much rather empty his bladder and bowels in the house than in the spacious garden. 111 more words


Regenerating the Cracks: pondering the gifts of not getting what you want 

Oftentimes, not getting what you don’t need is almost as good as getting what you need. That happened for me today, when what I wanted didn’t work out, and it was a bitter pill. 39 more words