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Here it is again Kayla Mueller Fake family Hoax!!!!

Hello people here it is again tech at its best and worst!!!! Kayla Mueller Fake family hoax; brought to you by 1337nub.com

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Turncoats vote with Dems to sign GOP death warrant

Remember their names and their votes

In our world of instantaneous news delivery, this is already stale by many standards since it occurred two days ago. 426 more words

Those Dems

The de-evolution of politics

By former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

One upsmanship, name calling, gotcha, the ends justify the means, winning at any cost, my way or the highway.

Pick any of the above, in fact pick all of the above. 557 more words


Scorpion – Worth watching?

Hello everyone,

today I want to present to you the relatively new TV series Scorpion.

The first season hasn’t even ended yet, but so far it is among series I am most hyped for at the moment. 598 more words

TV Series

Gail Collins: Pearls Before Congress

New York Times: Welcome to a whole new world.

In Congress, that is. Not in the actual world. Control your expectations, for heaven’s sake.

You may have noticed that in an orgy of bipartisan cooperation, Congress passed a bill this week funding the Department of Homeland Security until the fall. 67 more words


The Intelligence, Security, and Assurance (ISA) Miner

The Intelligence, Security, and Assurance (ISA) collection is a new miner built with Minerazzi (http://www.minerazzi.com).

Use it to find resources relevant to information intelligence, security, and assurance. 18 more words

Data Mining

Life After the Raid: Pastor Tim Manning Reflects on the May, 2013 Raid on his N.C. Home

I am in pain and moderate shock from what just happened which I am trying to write about. It is 4 am and I am still not calmed down enough to sleep!

677 more words