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"Should the USCG Transition to DoD?" USNI Blog

The US Naval Institute blog has a post recommending that the Coast Guard be moved into the Department of Defense.

The most significant part of the post appears to me to be that this concept has been put forward by Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who is the Chair of the Sub-Committee that has oversight of the Coast Guard. 456 more words


#41 Online Cults: Emotion Control Part 14

Emotional control is the third component of mind control and the intention is manipulate a narrow range of a person’s feelings using primarily the emotions guilt and fear. 4,060 more words


Dems, Leftwing Media Defend MS-13 Because, 'Racism'

They commit atrocities that rival muzzie terrorists, but don’t you dare call them animals.

Via Breitbart

“If the media and liberals want to defend MS-13, they’re more than welcome to,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters during Thursday’s briefing after media attempts to frame President Trump’s comments from the previous day as insulting to “some immigrants.”

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California Officials Back Trump On Crackdown On ‘Sanctuary’ Policies

By Fred Lucas ~

California law enforcement and local officials gathered at the White House on Wednesday to make it clear that Sacramento doesn’t speak for them on illegal immigration. 530 more words

Public Opinion

Republicrats align with Dems on amnesty bills

Invaders have unlikely friends in high places

While they think that Americans aren’t paying attention, eighteen Republican members of congress have signed a “discharge petition” in an effort to bring numerous liberal immigration bills to the floor for a vote. 440 more words


#40 Online Cults: Thought Control Part 13

Thought control is the second major component of mind control. Thought control is where indoctrination processes are internalized to such a degree they become a… 2,920 more words