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Working Poor

Imagine what it’s like to raise your family in a motel. The academic, nutritional and social consequences for children abound. It’s only a step above homelessness, but so many are cycling through seedy motel rooms because of the lack of affordable housing in Central Florida… Yesterday, my friend Jen and I volunteered to survey the occupants of some of these motels. 727 more words


It takes a villige fix its own problems.

Haven’t you noticed that for the most part communities just try to cover up the homeless population, rather than attempting to solve the problems that lead to the homeless populations growth? 217 more words


Southampton - a paradise for students


For any student thinking of taking a course at any of the universities or colleges here in Southampton, let me assure you, that this city is your oyster. 695 more words


Small Homes for Families

Last year there was a tiny house exhibit at Central Florida Earth Day 2015. Since I had just visited Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon, I naturally wanted to visit. 497 more words


“Why Don’t They Have Jobs?”

Friday, April 22, 2016

In 1986, the musical group Bruce Hornsby and the Range released the song “The Way It Is.”  The lyrics—which talk about the injustices in the US and counsel us not to believe that “that’s just the way it is”—begins with the scene of a man who, walking down the street, comes across an old woman standing in a line to receive welfare benefits.  758 more words


The Drummer

Friday, April 15, 2016

He arrived at the door of our charity three years ago with the desire to start a new life.  He knew it wouldn’t be easy.  660 more words



at an exit ramp
woman and toddler
bright crayon on cardboard