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"I Get Calls To Identify Dead Homeless People"

A lovely woman from the local Homeless Team came in today on behalf of a client. As we chatted she mentioned that occasionally she gets a call from the coroner asking her to go to the local mortuary to identify the body of a homeless person. 297 more words


Who do you know who is a Veteran?

We all know someone who is a Veteran.  They don’t look any different… they seem to fit in, laugh at the same jokes, work hard, drive a car, have a job… well… most of them do anyway.   325 more words


Do We "Talk the Talk" or "Walk the Walk"?

To walk as Christ walked…
that’s what we’re to do today.
Not to judge and condemn…
or “talk Christianity” like many say.
For it’s not about what we say… 94 more words


Kindness Captured in a Photo - A Man Gives a Barefoot Homeless Man His Shoes

A Tampa man, Oscar Aquino, gave a homeless man the shoes off his feet in a random act of kindness that’s getting wide-spread, and deserved praise online. 218 more words

Kindness - Real-life

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10 Facts About Homelessness: Fact 10

Last one!

Besides the societal stigma homeless people face, many cities are passing more laws that apply to homeless people and/or charities that help them. Last fall saw the high-profile case in Florida where an… 20 more words


10 Facts About Homelessness: Fact 9

Fact No. 9 reflects the seriousness of mental health and substance abuse. While it is not a fair stereotype, up to 1/4 of those who find themselves homeless suffer from mental illness and about half of those also have substance abuse issues. 44 more words


More Homelessness Myths and Facts

The Greater Seattle Cares program published this report in 2013 on 26 commonly held misconceptions about homelessness. These myths & facts apply across the nation, no matter what location. 144 more words