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The Sleeping Bag Project

I can’t stop thinking about Aron, the homeless man we met last Friday at the doctor’s office. I couldn’t help him with much at the time. 542 more words



This is short and sweet (well, maybe not so sweet).

It’s treasonous that American Veterans and American families are without homes while we aide abett our enemies, Syrian “refugees,” AKA ISIS. 51 more words


Homeless on Thanksgiving

I have so much holiday guilt right now. We met this guy named Aron at the doctor’s office on Friday. I didn’t know he was homeless until I asked him if he was. 835 more words


My Other Half

It’s not only me that will living out of the car in two days.  My wife has the unfortunate luck of connecting with me and therefor will suffer the same fate. 930 more words


The Cause

There is always a beginning, a reason for the situation.  Mine was accepting a job that appeared to be a perfect environment. Never judge a book by it’s cover.   1,544 more words


Are you on the crazy train?

What is real crazy, is that you work for years and years and the minute you can no longer work, you are automatically considered a bum, a blight upon society and a blood sucker feeding off the hard working people of the United States who have good sense to find and keep a job. 304 more words


It's Mr. Loser to You

It’s Mr. Loser to You

Me and the boys were out

late on a Saturday night

smokin’ and a drinkin’

and spoilin’ for a fight. 283 more words