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Are you warm today?

Today we are having another winter storm and as many of us stay home from work & school in our warm homes remember that thousands of homeless New Yorkers are struggling to survive on the streets where high winds, frigid temperatures, snow, and freezing rain can put them at risk of life-threatening illnesses like hypothermia and frostbite. 209 more words

Homeless Outreach

The time to make a difference is now

A fact of life is that not all people are given the same opportunities. Social determinants can predict among other things education, financial security, and success in life. 128 more words

Homeless Outreach

Eye of the Beholder

“This feels like homeless porn,” I said to the other women in the outreach van.

It felt like all those pictures of the ruination of Detroit, the desolation of its once ornate and grand places, the degradation of churches and train stations. 477 more words


Discrimination against the homeless

The power of the vote is a force that many citizens underestimate and underutilize.  As we see our children engage in civil disobedience by protesting against gun violence, we are reminded that true political power lies with the citizens of our nation and that we need to let our voices be heard when we see the lack of laws or unjust laws.  207 more words

Homeless Outreach

3-9-2018 (Helping the Homeless)

Here it is, March 9; do you notice something strange?  I didn’t post yesterday, what a jackass move.  So here’s a brief overview of yesterday: 221 more words

The Daily Diarist

Kinder viewpoint of success

Being homeless:

It can take on a variety of forms and most of the time it’s a result of not being fortunate.

Many of us have the fortune of having shelter, food, and an excellent support system that can carry us through tough times. 94 more words

Homeless Outreach

Villains in Real Life

The villains I face don’t wear fancy costumes or fearsome armor ( though it would make things more fun, lol ).

Often they’re clothed with titles of respectability or cloaked in attitudes of indifference or outright hostility toward those they consider beneath them; people whom I uplift as a safety advocate. 36 more words