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Don't Jump Off The Cliff!: Jesus, King David, and Eternal Security

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Can you ever know for sure that you’re saved? Is it possible to “lose” your salvation? Will good theology get you to heaven? What does Jesus want you to know?

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My companion

I still have a few weeks to put things in order ,one of them is MAX our friend who we fostered for a rescue but he ended up adopting us.I may be scared at what lies ahead but not him.As far as he’s concerned it’s a bloody long walk,best ever as it restarts every day.COLD?Nahhh not me I am a siberian husky,strange food?What stranger than eating tennis balls,socks?knickers?your curry I stole and made me poop green for 3 days?Nah Max will love it. 128 more words

Looking For Marbels

The 500: Connecting the Unconnected

Raymond Smith knows about being homeless and living on the street, and the problems in life which can quickly lead there. In June 2014, Smith transitioned from homelessness to employment and now works as a peer specialist with Vets Connect, the very same program which helped him get off the streets.  623 more words


Winter Homeless

The way was dark and stormy, the street lights burning thin
‘twas not a night to be about, ‘twas time to be within
A cloud of mist hung heavy, the roadway none to clear… 118 more words


Victoria 'Kindness meter' encourages donating for the homeless when parking

WATCH: Some unusual parking meters are appearing on the streets of Victoria. Kylie Stanton explains more about the kindness metre.

Businesses in downtown Victoria are promoting a new way of helping the area’s homeless population. 114 more words


Invisible in Plain Sight

Even if her sign
were illuminated in neon
she would be invisible.
We drive right by,
safely in our cars,
or glance down at our phones, 159 more words