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Without A Place To Call Home

Hey guys! I haven’t really been able to post like I have wanted to, but I definitely have a good reason. Did you know that the number of homeless mothers, children, fathers, and elderly is on the rise? 699 more words


City to close popular Aiea bike path, park for weeks to clear homeless encampments

A popular biking spot in Aiea that’s been taken over by homeless encampments is getting some much-needed attention.

Starting next month, the city will be cleaning up the Pearl Harbor Bike Path in an effort to revitalize the trail and keep the community safe. 310 more words


The Bit-parts

We honor those who never stopped chasing their dreams,
but we forget about those who get lost along the way.
We don’t think about all the ways they see while they are going the wrong way, 255 more words


  The American in London - PART 8 - Human 

There and back again they, say eventually we all must come back to where we all started.  I don’t know where this heading but at least I know with this, I know where I can start and to this goes out the homeless guy that I met that  tonight named Luke who’s Birthday was on the (16/07/17) who just turned nineteen (bare with me on this on one), I know I honestly told him in this person but happy Birthday to him and I hope he gets back on his feet and is able to get back on his feet and get back to his teaching apprenticeship he openly admitted to me he did wrong, but to be honest its not his fault did help that his mom was heroin addict. 903 more words

Posted Notice

This coffee-stained, handwritten message was tacked up outside of the Dunkin’ Donuts on South Crouse Avenue. I had turned toward a wall filled with placards, looking at advertisements for apartment complexes and Syracuse-area concert notices. 719 more words


at a starbucks near you ~ a poem (and observation)

he stood in front of me in line.
on the back of his white t-shirt was taped
a slip of paper, also white, on which… 199 more words


ThrowDown Thursday 1.

IT’S TIME TO THROWDOWN: Topic of today is the Homeless and why we refuse to help. We live in a society that has no remorse only a certain few will understand, it pisses me off knowing its folks trying to survive today and wondering when will it be their next meal or if they will wake up the next day it pisses me off that we as a society see these people who needs our care and love. 217 more words