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Daily Journal 5/28/2017

Good morning friends and family. It is a beautiful day here in Dalton, Georgia after a nice thunderstorm last night. It smells so fresh and clean outside. 205 more words

San Francisco Courts Test New Approach To Homeless Crimes

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Courts around the country tried to ease the burden of fines and fees in the wake of riots in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 that brought attention to a torrent of traffic and other minor citations that saddled people with debt and even sent them to jail. 789 more words



The nation’s maladies

moulding melodies;

screeching sounds,

screaming a normality.

Starvation’s keys

to the vaults,

the pitiful food banks,

children a normality.

Lonely wives

juggling with knives, 51 more words


Homeless people on the streets

A friend told me that she once helped a child and gave him money. Months later, that child came up to her and thanked her. The kid said, “Do you remember me? 233 more words

How I got converted to Opera

I was dreading the Opera Workshop at the library, but as the chairperson of the Friends of Redcar Library group – and because only one other person had signed up for the workshop – I felt it my duty to support it. 955 more words

Flinders Street Station

There aren’t many railway stations I’ve encountered that that deserve a post of their own: this grand one does. Flinders Street Station covers two blocks in the heart of Melbourne right beside the river. 74 more words


Reflections of reflections (Recursion*)


One of my recent short stories (Pink Sunshine) was a self-study in my writing, as I chose to “Write, play, throw away”: A writer work-out to overcome the block. 6,001 more words