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Sheriff proposes homeless camp, inmate labor, tickets out of town for Rio Grande neighborhood

SALT LAKE CITY — A proposal to create an “urban camp” where homeless people can set up tents and camp in the troubled Rio Grande neighborhood is drawing praise and scorn. 728 more words


Homeless youth housing program 'saved my life': Edmonton man

You may not find them sleeping on park benches, or lined up at soup kitchens but the number of homeless youth in Edmonton is cause for concern. 471 more words


Lent Contemplation Thursday 30th March

“When I was at Nightstop, it was brillant” It gave us enough time to save up some money to get a room” Josh 23

If you are able to save for the future, save £1 today.


What Can You Do To Help The Homeless?

High Desert Homeless Services main goal or outcome objective is for shelter clients to become independent, financially stable, and self-sufficient.

They are dedicated to providing programs to  homeless clients that will stabilize their lives and provide productive citizens into local communities. 77 more words


Habitat for Humanity Sleeps Out for the Homeless

By Tessa Kielbasa

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University’s Habitat for Humanity club held their annual Sleep Out event on March 23 from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. 530 more words


March Update

I mentioned in my last blog that I was preparing to teach an adult Sunday school class on evangelism. My desire with this update is to briefly describe that which I taught and what I learned over the course of March. 746 more words

Faces of the Street: Meet San Diego’s Homeless — Vic Land

For a class photo essay, I walked around downtown San Diego and passed out donuts to homeless individuals and met and spoke with them about their lives.

20 more words