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Shining a Light on #SeaHomeless

Everyone wants to know how they can be part of the solution, part of the fight to end the issue of individuals experiencing homelessness. Thanks to the effort of local media organizations, today many will be posting on social media using #SeaHomeless. 259 more words


Guest column: Efforts underway to help women and children in need of shelter

This letter is in response to The Bulletin editorial titled “Bend should fix shortage of shelter beds,” published June 3.

I loved the statement “Bend is blessed with skilled organizers and fundraisers in community organizations that could come together to focus on this critical problem for women and children suffering in abusive households. 14 more words

Bend Bulletin

This 29-year-old barber from Philadelphia provides homeless people with free haircuts

MEET BRENNON Jones, a barber from Philadelphia who provides the homeless with free haircuts.

“To me it means a lot. It means that someone cares. It shows me that someone sees what we go through and they wanna do something about it.” 178 more words

The Young Empire

Judging Gary

I’m using the bathroom at Barnes & Nobles the other day when I noticed two men arguing a few stalls away from me. I couldn’t make out their conversation, but from the looks of their facial expression and by their tone of voice I could tell this was something intense. 240 more words


CEOs experience homelessness: another failed approach at VR Technology

Apparently, for many CEOs it’s hard to believe that a business decision can lead to something else other than a new private jet. During the CEO Sleepout event in Australia this year, they were encouraged to experience the vague, theoretical economic term called “poverty”. 536 more words



I was very angry when I wrote this poem many years ago. I had spent a number of hours in the National Gallery. Surrounded by great art in the company of many strangers from home and abroad, cosseted from the reality of the lives other humans endured on the streets of our city. 285 more words


It can be hard to accept a blessing.

My wife told me a story about something she witnessed on her way to work yesterday. The story was about a man, presumably homeless, or at least struggling to get by, begging on the sidewalk for some loose change. 997 more words