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Shining a Light on #SeaHomeless

Everyone wants to know how they can be part of the solution, part of the fight to end the issue of individuals experiencing homelessness. Thanks to the effort of local media organizations, today many will be posting on social media using #SeaHomeless. 259 more words


This 29-year-old barber from Philadelphia provides homeless people with free haircuts

MEET BRENNON Jones, a barber from Philadelphia who provides the homeless with free haircuts.

“To me it means a lot. It means that someone cares. It shows me that someone sees what we go through and they wanna do something about it.” 178 more words

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The Greatest War: Empathy vs. Selfishness

Without diminishing the horrific civil war in Syria or the many other violent conflicts around the world, I believe that the greatest war is being fought between those with empathy and those who are selfish. 851 more words

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Homeless Service Priorities Shift in First Competitive Bid for Services in More than a Decade

The city’s Human Services Department will issue a request for proposals today for $30 million in homeless services—the first time in more than a decade that a majority of of the city’s homelessness contracts have been put out for competitive bids. 1,059 more words


Where do you go when the land under your home is sold and your home is worthless?

Ishbel Dickens writes about the plight of state’s mobile home park residents:

Imagine dreaming the American dream and living it – you are a low-income household or a senior living alone after the death of your spouse – you dream of homeownership or of downsizing now that you are on your own – you are thrilled beyond belief to find that you can afford to purchase a nice home for your family in a warm community setting and you move in. 728 more words

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Cat Mary

Rebekah Demirel offers a personal look at homelessness and how we all are irrevocably bound to the plight of those affected by this crisis    

There is a basic humanity in everyone and set of feelings cutting across all classes and that bridges all divides between rich and poor, black and white, and the housed and unhoused.   863 more words

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Homeless on wheels

The Rev. Bill Kirlin-Hackett writes about the lack of government response to the growing percent of the County’s unsheltered living in vehicles

Every year “Point in Time” homeless counts remain part of the national efforts to end homelessness. 871 more words

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