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Making Rose Body Butter

Rose body butter moisturizes your skin and revitalizes your soul. The combination of rich oils and scent gives this body butter a luxurious feel that nurtures your skin as you enjoy the feel of it. 326 more words

Bath And Body

Making Lavender Body Balm; A Moisturizing and Soothing Balm

Lavender body balm moisturizes your skin while helping you relax. It is one of my favorite balms to use after a long bath or shower, particularly right before bed after a long day. 390 more words

Bath And Body

Good Night Beauty Regime.

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of your beauty regimen and does more for your good looks than the best balm or treatment. While you sleep, blood continuously replenishes your skin, giving it a rosy glow. 648 more words

Simple DIY

Boy, was my face green (and not with envy)

PLEASE NOTE: Re-posting this post for the new followers and those who have not read this post before and also the fact that I am buried under edits and revisions. 1,683 more words

Selena's Musings

YOU Need Organic Handmade Beauty Products. NOW.

Why Handmade Beauty Products ?

We need more awareness that traditional cosmetic products contain dangerous toxins like heavy metals, phthalates and hundreds of others linked to cancer, hormonal disorders, fertility issues etc. 427 more words

Natural Skin Care

Beauty: Coconut Oil Shaving Butter

I’m fast becoming a fan of coconut oil. Last week I told you about using it as a hair mask, today it’s shaving butter!

When I usually shave, unless I’m using ultra expensive Venus blades, my legs get cut to ribbons. 279 more words


Beauty: Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I’ll be honest, this post was going to be a debunking of coconut oil as a hair mask. I’d heard the hype but was an unbeliever. 195 more words