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From Scratch Graham Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

Today I made homemade cereal. Not granola, oatmeal or muesli either. I made actual comparable to store bought in a box cereal. Actually it is better then store bought. 870 more words

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Recipe: Healthy homemade muesli

Healthy homemade muesli

Even so-called ‘healthy’ cereals on the supermarket shelves are normally full of sugar and general other rubbish. So if you want to be sure of what you are eating, try making your own muesli – it’s surprisingly easy. 301 more words


Homemade Gluten Free Cereal

I have been craving cereal lately, but most store bought cereals are filled with sugar and additives.  I decided to put something together myself, and it is AMAZING!   129 more words


DIY Breakfast Cereal

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with breakfast cereal for quite a while. On the one hand I really hate processed food. On the other hand my kids really love cereal – and it is a quick easy breakfast. 946 more words


Soaked Buckwheat Crispy Granola (Almond -Vanilla)

To make this Paleo, omit the buckwheat.

This recipe may seem intimidating and overwhelming to look at, but after you’ve done it once, you will see how easy and worth it is to make. 678 more words


Proud to be crunchy granola

Sharon Jessup Joyce

When I started making my own granola, about 30 years ago, some people seemed to think I was being excessively DIY, like someone who would insist on weaving and dying the fabric for all her clothing. 1,156 more words

Cranberry Raisin Nut Toasted Oat Cereal

Last spring, I made some granola bars, and it was then that I discovered how much I loved the taste of toasted oats. After I toasted the oats for that recipe, I sampled some right from the pan and they were really good just by themselves–they had a richer, slightly nuttier flavor after being toasted. 470 more words

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