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How to Make Good Tasting Hardtack

Hardtack is one of the survival foods of the American frontier. Movies and television often portray hardtack as being a bad-tasting, tooth breaking assault on the taste buds, but this is not at all true. 471 more words

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Homemade Tomato Parmesan and Herb Crackers

This is more than a recipe post. ┬áIt’s a small epiphany about why making homemade crackers is a great way for home cooks to learn (or improve) key techniques in the kitchen. 360 more words

Flax crackers

This easy recipe makes really delicious, flavorful, and healthy homemade crackers. They are also raw, paleo, vegan, and gluten-free. 201 more words

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Melba Toast Continued

A recipe for homemade crackers to follow up on the last post:

I’ve wanted to be a bread-baking home maker. I have an image in my mind of a woman, who bakes bread every Monday like clockwork. 185 more words

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Usually my Mum buys our christmas crackers in the sales. Last year she forgot and *shock horror* we were faced with buying full price ones. I had my usual “could I make it instead” thought, which usually comes any time something is required but expensive, and decided that yes, yes I could. 496 more words


Butternut Squash Chowder!

As I sat eating dinner, I reflected on my recent work. Working the near-equivalent of two full-time jobs had been taxing. Now, there will be time to cook, not reheat. 440 more words

A little crackers!

Today I am spending the afternoon replenishing our packed lunch stock by baking lots of different kinds of crackers: animal crackers, saltine crackers, cream crackers, graham crackers…we will see how many I can get around to before the boys get home from school. 594 more words