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Life with a Westie

Life with a West Highland Terrier (westie) can be challenging.  Westies are known for chasing squirrels, being very vocal and having very bad allergies.  Our Cowboy has food allergies which is actually easier to control than environmental allergies.  121 more words

May Snow & Lentil Stew

It snowed yesterday, MAY 15, off and on all day.  So I skipped the church picnic and made lentil stew for my friends.

My extraordinarily healthy little friends. 343 more words


Homemade Dog Food: aka Doggy Stew

Doggy Stew is what we call the “wet” food we feed our dog, Heidi, in addition to her regular food.  (Always check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet) 317 more words

Frugal Living

Another homecooked meal

Today my wife and I  minced pork , chicken and lean minced beef. All great for protein . Highly digestable. Again check out www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk if in any doubt. 112 more words

Sunday Dog Food Cooking Day!!

As we discussed on Saturday guys at the group session, don’t be shy about having a go at making your own freshly cooked dog food. 174 more words

Homemade Dog Food - Yes You Can!

Cooking for your pets is easier than you think!

Here’s a video from our YouTube channel that provides an aasy recipe for cooking a HEALTHY chicken, lamb, and veggie stew for your beloved dogs. 67 more words


Homemade Dog Food

My little Roxy, who is now an 8 year old rescue Terrier Cross is to say the least a fussy eater. Over the years of owning dogs I have tried dry, wet and raw food diets. 243 more words