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Healthy diet recipes for My dog and I 

Behind every gorgeous daughter, there is always a gorgeous mom who tells the truth!

My mom aka my best friend never fails to freak out when I sorta give up on myself. 1,228 more words

Grub's On

I try to keep the dog’s diet predominantly raw. Sometimes it has to be bought from the pet store in frozen form or in freeze dried form because I haven’t had time or energy to do homemade but I do my best for the fur littles. 287 more words

Decoding Types of Dog Food

  • Dry: Also called “kibble,” this is the most common type of dog food and can be found in a variety of brands and flavors. It has a long shelf life (but always check expiration dates!) and can be stored in bulk without the need for refrigeration.
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Our breakfast 

Our Friday breakfast

For human on diet: Steamed Kale drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 dates, a pint of blackberries, 1 tomato, 1 steamed Japanese sweet potato, a glass of banana soy milk smoothie… 62 more words

Advantages of Fiber in Your Pet dog's Diet plan

We recognize the advantages of fiber in our very own diet, but is their any type of benefits of fiber in a canine’s diet? Fiber was consider filler as well as bulk in year’s past, however today, the… 584 more words


All All-natural Dog Food

Pets are member of our family members moreover; they need special attention in the issues of food. There are lots of benefits of feeding healthy foods to canines. 483 more words