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Homemade Dog Food

I know this is not the main theme of my losing weight vegetarian website, but I just had to do it out of love for my dog and animals in general. 704 more words

Healthy Eating

Videos We Like: The Oldest Pets in the World

Over the last few years, we have been collecting videos and articles that really inspired us. We decided that it was time to share those with you, hopefully, to inspire and provoke questions and give you a reason to seek answers. 55 more words

Dog Health

Q and A: How Many Times Should I Feed My Dog?

In this Q and A, we are answering a question that we are asked quite often over emails and even by our friends who also have dogs. 859 more words

Dog Health

Feeding Your Dog a Natural Raw Food Diet

In families with dogs, they often consider their beloved pet a member of the family, deserving of the same good treatment and food as the people in the family. 511 more words


#WoofWoofWednesday: Home Cooking for Canines

“Carson, we’d like the tea and biskies now….” (image courtesy Mid Day Play)

That’s Oakley’s favorite place for a short rest at day care. He’s gracious enough to share the sofa with his with his friends, though. 430 more words

Life with a Westie

Life with a West Highland Terrier (westie) can be challenging.  Westies are known for chasing squirrels, being very vocal and having very bad allergies.  Our Cowboy has food allergies which is actually easier to control than environmental allergies.  124 more words

May Snow & Lentil Stew

It snowed yesterday, MAY 15, off and on all day.  So I skipped the church picnic and made lentil stew for my friends.

My extraordinarily healthy little friends. 343 more words