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Lil' Hummus Nose

This little bundle of energy,  we’re learning, is most likely to remain his current size–somewhere between Corgi and German Shepard. While a part of us is thrilled that he is going to be our lil’ hummus nose forever, I’m still slightly terrified at his current energy level. 145 more words

Day By Day

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Finding homemade dog food recipes is easy. Finding a healthy homemade dog food recipe is not as easy as you may think. Just because someone posts it on their blog and tells you that it’s been recommended by a veterinarian does not mean that a recipe is going to be a good choice for your pet. 503 more words

How do you prepare chicken and rice for Nahla?


What you need:

  1.  Good quality chicken (I use chicken breast or drumsticks)
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Frozen Mixed Vegetables (Fresh Vegetables Optional)

How to prepare:

  1.  Boil or bake chicken (I prefer using the bake method.  
  2. 116 more words
Health & Well Being

How to get your dog to eat a little (or a lot) healthier

We all know your dog needs to eat as much fresh food as we do, but sometimes it can be hard, expensive, and time consuming. Recently I have gone down the rabbit hole of dog nutrition. 1,181 more words


Simple Organic Dog Food in the Crockpot-Freezable!

If you’re anything like us, you want to give your precious fur-babies the very best life you can. There are just not enough words to describe how much I care for our dog-child, Lilly. 580 more words

Colca Canyon May 2017

After a successful trip to the beach, we decided to spend the next weekend in Colca Canyon. I love Colca and I go there as often as possible. 804 more words


Camana Beach May 2017

We decided that the first adventure with all the dogs would be to the beach. I was slightly anxious about forgetting to bring something important, which led to us bringing way too much stuff, but at least I learned for the next time. 1,054 more words