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I used to know rice only the way I learned it from my mother. The cooking of the rice starts with melting butter and stir the rice and add the perfect amount of water to the pan and let it boil. 221 more words


The BEST and fluffiest banana and whole-grain flour pancakes 🍌🍽️

I really mean it! They are SO delicious and good for re-heating and freezing.

So, I ended up AGAIN with those overly ripped bananas and what to do? 352 more words

Healthy Food

4 Bean Cherokee Soup & Honey Cornbread

Summer is not quite at an end but still I have been noticing leaves turning and falling as if it were already Fall. My kids have already started to pile up leaves to play in and although I’m looking forward to my favorite season it seems a bit premature. 594 more words


Pepperoni Potato based Pizza

My Creation!

Pepperoni Potato based Pizza.

With Rounded hand-cut Potatoes, Pizza (Tomatoe with herbs) sauce, Pepperoni and Green Peppers.


Potatoes based Pizza with Sausages.

My Creation!

Potatoes based Pizza with Sausages.

With rounded hand-cut potatoes, tomato sauce with herbs, grated cheese and sausages.


The Truth About Fish Sticks

Last night we had homemade fish sticks for dinner. It was a recipe I found on Mealime for panko-crusted cod with lemon-herb dip and carrot-apple slaw. 267 more words


Oyakodon for Baby

Oyakodon, the popular Japanese chicken and egg rice bowl, is like the ultimate comfort food for me, despite not being Japanese.

When written in kanji, it literally translates to “parent and child rice bowl.” The name has always had me pondering age old question of which came first, chicken or egg, although it seems to be a forgone conclusion that the chicken is the “parent” and the egg is the “child.” 44 more words